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Next I need to figure out how to use the models and rigs in Godot. I get the basic imports, but I don't quite understand memory optimization and such which feels important as I start to build out and have a scene with more than two or three objects.

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I finished up the basic tutorial videos for blender. I think I basically get the fundamentals of the software. I need a mouse and maybe a better computer though. My poor little 10 year old computer really struggled with basic operations, and I finally found a situation where trackpoint is not preferable.

*Uses a time machine to visit 10 year old me*

old me: just wanted to let you know Levar Burton is awesome

young me: *still loving rr and watching star trek ng* always has been

Why are 80% of my adult responsibilities scheduled to need action in October?

Car tag renewal? October
Dentist check-up? October
Cat registration renewal? October
... and the list goes on.

All of these things requires making appointments all over town 😬


tell me the person threatening the library of congress is motivated by white rage without telling me...

cop: "We apprehended him without issue. He's been having a very hard time recently personally, and lost his mom. We might have more information on motives later."

you are an anarchist yet you use Arch Linux? Curious

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sometimes I want to report something on here, but then I remember I'm on a single user instance and I can just do what needs done. Still, sometimes I just want to report something to someone to be like "do you see this shit?"


idc how trashy it makes me. Safeway bakery bagels are the best bagels in Portland.

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I suppose it's like this for everything though. If you talk to friends and family about your friends micro business that sells tinctures or something people will get annoyed with you "always talking about that weird thing", but then go off about how you need to try their new big brand formulation.

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we admonish people for advocating for things like linux and other open services, but gd people shilling for silicon valley capitalists is just part of everyday culture I guess.

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I deleted my facebook a year ago, and my dad just called me because he finally realized I'm not on there any more. He tried to sell me on signing up again. 😩

covid / oregon 

if anyone is wondering what hospital it is OHSU.

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covid / oregon 

eek, the hospital where my GP is just sent an email out to all patients begging them to mask indoors, mask outdoors if they can't keep six foot distance, limit meeting with people outside of household and only doing so outside if you do, and keeping 6 foot social distancing at all times regardless of your vaccine status.

The email says they are expecting to be 500 beds short by labor day 😬

fitness milestone 

πŸŽ‰ one month of daily exercise complete πŸ˜ƒ

still thinking about how all mailboxes have little red flags on them.

oregon / covid 

correction, it looks like the Oregonian changed their graphic. Maybe they had the wrong number before? It's not 4,380 it's 2,941. Still not good and still the worst day of the pandemic case wise so far, but not quite as bad as that image suggested.

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oregon / covid 

I'm going to start self isolating again. The whole situation seems really bad. Going back to grocery delivery πŸ˜•

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oregon / covid 

On Monday, covid cases in OR were over 4 times higher than they ever were before August, during the entire pandemic.

We are switching from O(n^2) to O(n^n)


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