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I'm not quite finished watching it yet, but Ip Man 4 is amazing.

The whole series is good, but 4 is literally Ip Man fighting racist US immigration and marines in SF.

we've left human temperature scale. we are now in the hot, but not hot enough for a hotdog to legally be considered safe for consumption scale

uspol / iraq pol 

Does anyone understand what is going on with the US bombing the border on Iraq/Syria? From what I've gathered they bombed some groups that were/are part of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, but these ones are more closely aligned with Iran. I don't know what "closely aligned" or "backed" means in this case. What threat do they propose to the US state? What is the justification of bombing them other than sending a message to Iran?

I'm pretty proud of the fact that I have no idea what is happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If that's your thing, cool. It just feels nice to be unconcerned with the whole thing.

Does anyone on have info on PNW prisons and the Tacoma ICE detention center? Do they have AC? Are the prisoners OK?

it looks like the air quality is getting bad in PDX now too. Now I have to figure out how to combine filters and a portable A/C

Portland liberals this past few days have really proved that it is easier for them to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism.

It's 7:30 am and 95 degrees outside. at this point I'm just embracing living in hell


I was too busy dealing with heat to notice that Biden dropped bombs on Iraq

MAX (portland light rail) has been shutdown as well due to extreme heat. Buses are still operating

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I work at a school and they just closed all campuses, operations, and remote work for tomorrow due to inclement weather. This happens in snow storms. Weird to be happening because it's too hot. I get it tho.

a bit hopeful? 

We have nothing to lose anymore. Nothing to wait for. The clock is has struck midnight. All we can do is enjoy everyday, love each other, and fight hard enough that we have the chance to do it again tomorrow.

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a bit doomy 

Portland's had a heat dome bringing us to the heat of Death Valley, years of fascists incursions, forest fires that blanket the sky in darkness and make the sky toxic, federal officers and local cops a like attacking the populace with chemical weapons, a one in 400 years level drought, a global pandemic, and we are just bracing for a mega-quake.

A few years ago I wouldn't have believed we would see climate collapse playing out here in my lifetime, but here we are.

Portland Streetcar is stopping service for the day, because their power cables are literally melting.

Trimet is still running though. So, you can take MAX/Buses for city rides with A/C

the Vegas odds that the temp tomorrow in Portland will top Las Vegas' all time temp record is 17%

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my bedroom is a tiny dark cave in the back of my apartment right now with a struggling portable AC. I have it sealed from the rest of the apartment which is also sealed shut. It's like a decompression chamber that prepares you for the heat. Step outside of my room and it's plus 20 degrees. Step outside of the apartment and it''s plus another 20 degrees. It feels like a different reality / timeline as I step through it.

I made it through yesterday. Today shouldn't be too bad ... right? ... right!?

The sun:

today I learned the IP Man movies are actually "Ip Man" and not about a superhero with layer 3 networking powers.


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