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classism / anti-homeless attitudes 

it's amazing how many liberals will demand that unsheltered people not exist around them, and when asked where they should go inevitably end up describing some sort of concentration camp

a federated tinder alternative app where you swipe right to fedidate

Portland + 

The Rose Festival is cancelled again 🎉

Another year free from a tourist influx. Another year without the US Navy docking ships downtown and the coast guard patrolling around the river with mounted guns.

portland pol / racism 

and this what? a week after the local GOP and police union tried to frame her for a hit and run, and then leaked that to the press.

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portland pol / racism 

I disagree with Jo Ann Hardesty on policy, but tone policing a black city council woman, getting in fights with her because you don't want a more empowered citizen police review board, and refusing to work with her when you yourself are an elected official isn't just disagreement. This reeks of racism imo

eventually, all Google products either get cancelled or wedged into gmail

Tagging, as in the act of reclaiming space by signing your moniker all over the place, is a pretty great cultural art form actually.

When I was born (I'm 37) Mary Poppins was as old of a movie as Shrek is now to kids...

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thinking about how there is a cult of personality around the richest man in the world. Hordes of white men excited to defend their idol when he defends right-wing coups, pays $1.5 billion for some bits in a p2p file, and shoots cars into space for a commercial.

swaywm hacks 

I will release it publicly after I finish a few more things in my config. I still want:

* A command line GUI configurator and auto themer (add colors in one place and theme everything)
* Mounted storage management through dmenu
* Clipboard management tools
* KeepassX management with dmenu

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swaywm hacks 

I have been writing some scripts for swaywm / waybar / dmenu (or dmenu compatible apps like wofi).

* I now have a weather widget with emoji representation of weather
* Full vim-like marks to mark windows and goto to them. Also a dmenu which lists all marks and can goto the one you select
* Scratchpad status icon (0 windows in scratch, 1 window in scratch, many windows) and a dmenu list of scratchpad windows which shows the one you select

pol / covid / cynical 

lol, I had this realization this morning, and I just started listening to Democracy Now which has a segment today on exactly this.

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pol / covid / cynical 

I just realized that a big part of the Biden response to covid is to use US companies to create covid vaccines, distribute that to the US and its wealthy allies, and then start increasing GDP before other countries like China to ensure the US increases economic advantages in post-covid world.

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“I was really upset that homeless people did not have access to the $1,400 stimulus check.

I just found this out. If you are homeless, you can go to a tax return office where they will file something called EIP return. They will put the money on a debit card after.”


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