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There are about to be union contract negotiations that are huge. The rail workers were just a prelude.

As the inevitable reactionary BS starts to spread, just remind workers who think they are being harmed by worker pressure that the can literally join or start a union right now. They can join the fight and reap the worker wins too.

Breaking: Zoomers on TikTok have a a new trend threatening corporate bathroom stalls, they call it "quiet shitting"

something that those starting transition might need to hear 

Society has a lot of pressures and conditioning that makes those things feel uncomfortable. That's a regular trans experience for many. You aren't less valid for feeling that way.

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something that those starting transition might need to hear 

When I first started transitioning publicly it was uncomfortable for me to wear "women's" clothes. The swooping necklines, shorter skirts, and wearing makeup in public. Eventually it just became normal. Now, I'll find myself just lounging around and realize that my neckline is so deep my tiddy might pop out, and that's just as normal feeling as when I used to realize my shorts were a bit loose and might fall down before transition.


backup your highly sensitive and important data by posting it to the fediverse. That way it federates all over the world and is impossible to delete. Also, hundreds of random instance admins can always check it for you and read back any of the contents if you need it.

the trains strike was averted, but the trans strike is imminent

sexual assault / murder 

Too many men are making the argument right now that a woman killing her rapist is extra judicial and thus ethically and morally wrong. Yet, many of these same men will argue that if your front door is open, and a person walks into your house and tries to take a pen, then fatally shooting them is ethically and morally just.

In much of the US the law agrees with this as well. Maybe the law is not just, and instead a tool of those with power.

Imagine if text was treated like music and film IP wise. An alternate world where bots scan every post you make and issue takedowns and strikes whenever it detects plagiarism. Millions of accounts banned for copy pasta. Quote a celebrity and your blog is demonetized.

Since I quit a ton of web 2.0 services a few years ago I've noticed a trend, especially in the last year. A huge number of these services have started offering to just give me money. With SaaS it's just huge discounts (sometimes free service for years), but store fronts and psuedo-banks (like venmo, paypal, etc) have started just being like "here's $20; please just come back 😭 ".


distrobox really helps complete the steam deck for me. It's just a simple docker manager, but it's made specifically to run containerized distros as alternate paths to run apps. Which makes it great if you want to do stuff outside of SteamOS (which is really limited). You can use it to install anything from most distros and run it. Which opens up the whole AUR.


omg, this commercial for Shin Ramyun Black 😆

This is better than the grey poupon commercials.

[also this is the best instant ramen I've ever had. I try to stock up on it regularly]

why are all the nerds info dumping about screwdrivers?

I bought a snapon screwdriver a few years ago that fell off a truck for $3. It doesn't ratchet, because my wrist turns.

I wish I could see what was going on at Patreon. Did they outsource all their infosec positions? They couldn't have gotten rid of all of the infosec officers or they would be in violation of the GLBA (which I would think certainly applies to them). I honestly have no idea what is happening over there though, lmao 🍿

No, sasquatch did not assassinate the queen. They deny all involvement. Or they would if they existed.

You won't trick me with the whole "dead queen" thing this time fedi. Fool me once shame on me, fool me ... you know the saying. smh

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