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Here at Acme Co. we believe it is important that everyone respects the rule of law. That is why we will prosecute transgressors to the fullest extent of the law.

Also, you must sign this contract that says you waive all rights to class action suits, jury trials, and will only address grievances to an arbitrator that we choose.

the aesthetics of old Puff The Magic Dragon records are pretty nice

I'm telling kids that so called "organized retail criminals" are just Santa's elves stocking up the workshop.


ThunderCats and Cats the musical are in the same cinematic universe.

I'm watching Max Headroom for the first time since I was five years old. It was my favorite show when I was a kid. Not GI Joe. Not Ghostbusters. Not any of those. It was Max Headroom.

I feel like this explains a lot about me.

The ACLU released a bunch of documents they received via FOIA that show how DHS and ICE purchased surveillance records including location data from firms like Venntel. "The Trump administration's immigration enforcers used mobile location data to track people's movements on a larger scale than previously known."

I am once again here to ask you if quality wireless earbuds exist that do not have an app, have an open source app, or have an open/hacked API so I can make my own config changes without an app.

Please let me know of one. No one ever mentions this in reviews.

The biggest issue with free software is not that the existent lacks commercial viability, but instead that marginalized groups are not provided the resources to create and manage their own tools and services.

For example, Mastodon doesn't need to work for everyone, but everyone should have resources available to make their own self managed tools that uniquely meet their needs.

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Truly free and liberating software doesn't have to "compete" with commercial software. Commercial software want to grow its number of users to sell a larger pool of data. If free software help the community who built it, then it succeeded. If it inspires other communities that's amazing.

I'm honestly a bit suspicious of any community who aims to onboard the world population. I don't think that can be an actual community, and I'm suspicious it will just turn into another capitalist venture.

them: no regulations on software engineering gives you freedom!

when you try to do some engineering and be free:

The workers at Amy's Kitchen factory have called for a boycott of Amy's Kitchen products due to unsafe working conditions, union busting, denial of bathroom breaks, and providing access to drinking water.

"It's based off of standardization."

Standardized by who, Gary? Standardized by who?

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Who of the techies ppl here vividly remember the day they learned the entire infrastructure of the Internet was supported by a series of handshakes at conferences and semi-private relationships that kinda hold the whole rats nest together?

OR / covid / wear a mask 

State health officials are urging Oregonians to mask up. While hospitalizations are lower than at other times in the pandemic the available staffing resources also have a much reduced capacity right now. So, the smaller surge in hospitalizations and that will likely push hospitals to the brink again 😕

instinctual brain: hey, listen! remember this melody 😏

reasoning brain: oh yeah! Wait, isn't that the Rugrats theme song?

instinctual brain: feel shame for liking the Rugrats theme song, loser.


Looking at this post made me pull out a level and straighten it 😆

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Conservatives like to think they are pulling one over on people by asking "what is a woman?" There is a whole field of academic study premised on that question, and as a trans woman I asked that to. So, I went and sought out the knowledge instead of just thinking I was right.

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