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Every time I see one I have a Jerry Seinfeld moment: "What's the deal with smart watches?" 🤷

The new leftist president of Colombia (Gustavo Petro). It seems interesting and good change for the country. I should read more about him, and get a better understanding of the situation there.

I'm curious about the revolutionary stuff earlier in his life (fought against the National Front and was imprisoned for illegally possessing arms).

One of my biggest regrets is I participated in the new-athiest movement for about a year in 2010. I went to talks, read their books listened to podcasts, and even took a class from one of those bozos. It wasn't as explicitly right-wing at the time, but I should have been less ignorant of the overt islamophobia at least.

Who is the female version of Nic Cage (in tons of movies many of which you haven't heard of and are campy), and why is it Melanie Griffith?

It's also worth noting that Andy Ngo is directing fascists to Portland Radical Pride which happens next week.

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noting that Portland's Old Town experienced sweeps of the unhoused due to Mayor Wheeler's emergency declaration right before Portland Pride marched through the neighborhood to the rainbow capitalism event. 343 tents (can't find a count of people) were displaced.

The year is 2050

cryptoguy: 😭 the network failed and I don't even have a physical representation of my 1 billion btc

me: haha, TI-85 goes brrrrrrr

grades are BS, but a funny memory about them 

The TA was a friend of mine. I was visiting him later, and I asked him how I did, and he said, "you were the only one to write a test suite. It's grading on a curve if I just ran everyone's code through your test suite right? 😉 " (2/2)

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grades are BS, but a funny memory about them 

The last class I took at university was a networking class. The professor asked me which textbook he should use. So, I suggested TCP/IP Illustrated, and he went with it. The whole grade was based off one software project that decoded a PCAP. So, I wrote a tiny version of Wireshark complete with a test suite that tested for each of the requirements. (1/2)

lines going down / serious 

I do realize that lines going down in stocks represents losses in retirement funds and pensions, and crypto going down represents people being scammed. I'm not an accelerationist, and I don't want to see people hurt. Still, there is no better time than now to walk away from these predatory models of "success" and turn toward taking care of each other and measuring our collective well being in a more holistic way.

Do you think you've hit bottom?
Oh, no
There's a bottom below

There's a low below the low you know
You can't imagine how far you can go down

Every once in a while you'll rise and glow
But that's only so they can let you go down 📉

for those curious. btc is now sub $18K and ethreum is sub $900. They are both on track to have a -20% change in 24 hours

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The chart for the last day is now off the charts in the negative.

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😆 the graph on CoinDesk for bitcoin has a maximum Y-axis spread. The graph showing the last year has the current value off the charts in the negative.

ai generated image / "a rubber ducky defeats jordan peterson in a debate"

crypto currency thoughts 

The thing about cryptocurrency is that the rise and fall doesn't matter. When line goes up you don't have more money. When line goes down you don't have less money. You have the amount you invested and the amount you get in with. Some get out with profit they took from the investment of others. Most get out with less. It was always just a rigged casino, and you lost the moment you played the game.

I should go grocery shopping today, but I don't wanna 🙎‍♀️

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