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Is there a version of the "Ahhhhh" song but starring Waluigi singing "Wahhhhh"?

I need that to reflect my mood this morning.

uspol / covid / police 

Health experts told the White House we should prepare for 100 million covid infections during the Fall and Winter by funding mitigation efforts.

Biden just announced that the Treasury is going to be directing cities and states that they can use the Covid (American Rescue Plan) funds for funding police.

Ever do a computer thing, get really proud of yourself, look around to share your excitement, and realize that no one cares? At least the cat is exploiting my excitement to request celebratory treats.

I think the 2DS (the wedge shaped slate) is really underrated. The clam shells are nice to use and nostalgic, but the hinges break, the ribbon cables are easily damaged, and they are complex to repair. A 2DS you can tear down in less than a minute (with just a phillips screwdriver) and it's built like a tank.

suicide / cryptocurrency 

When the subreddit for a cryptocoin pins a list of suicide hotlines to the top of their page I suppose it's safe to say that coin isn't going to bounce back.

Got my 2DS software all updated. I don't own any physical games for it. It's all digital content and homebrew. Shutting down the online stuff was inevitable. I''m hoping I can preserve it as a standalone offline console once it's gone though.

I read a bird site / student loans / racism 

These sames complaints of course don't come up when predominantly white, affluent, individuals have power over funds (via tax cuts, PPP loans, bailouts) redirected to them.

Debt cancellation is a wealth transfer that begins to correct and repair some of the systemic inequality that happened over the past two decades. Reparations obvs need to go farther. Those arguing against it aren't doing a good job of hiding the exploitation they want to perpetuate.

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I read a bird site / student loans / racism 

The group stuck with the debt and losing power due to paying mostly interest that results in profit (not an investment owed) is disproportionately Black, women, and working class. The power dynamic shift through this reparation would help redistribute some of the power that debt represents in our society.

On bird site, the veiled racism is becoming overt, and many are now claiming it's the "white working class" who will have to pick up the bill. (cont)

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I read a bird site / student loans / racism 

I read a bird site. I know. The "debate" is odd because it's about who gets relief from debt (which isn't money) and who will not profit from debt (which is an investment). There are veiled attempts to try to label amorphous groups and claim the "taxpayer" will be paying for it.

Like reparation for slavery, which are certainly owed and should be given, cancellation of student debt is a reparation for an infrastructure that exploited a group. (cont)

I'm certainly feeling a lot of "I told you so". Especially toward the really annoying people who likely coaxed others into investing in it. Still, the cost to those that were taken advantage of still makes me sad.

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As crypto crashes, I think it's important to remember that the people losing out a lot of times are those that were taken advantage of. People's boomer dads who put their retirement funds into that garbage. Meanwhile, a group of rich folks is walking away holding all the bags.

The New Stack just published an interview with me called "Why Developers Should Experiment with the Fediverse":

uspol / Maine 

Lol, Susan Collin's keeps calling the cops because people are putting reproductive freedom slogans in chalk on the sidewalk by her house.

The police are saying it's graffiti on public property and is being treated "content neutral".

They are coming for our hopscotch! When it comes to chalk, come ant take it. 😤

I'm putting together a retro system that can play Wii, Wii U, and GameCube on official hardware. I never played a GameCube before and I just got the controller. I had no idea the D-Pad was so tiny.

In retrospect, perhaps Wii Water Sports was a poor choice to name the game.

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