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I setup a private searx instance on my server. It's really nice. I love that it has search services built in for torrents, libgen, tech forums, auto DOI accessible links for journal papers, etc.

I'm thinking about writing an alternative to that runs on a single client (as opposed to a server), and both erases toots after a time but also archives them locally before doing so.

What do people think about archiving others' toots that I'm replying to? This archive would not be public and only accessible to me locally on the device.

the number of fucks I have to give today is equally to the number of tears I've shed about the organized snatch & grab thefts at Lois Vuitton

linux / LTT 

My biggest critique of LTT is that they need a more diverse workforce. They seem to making steps in that direction, and I hope it continues. I actually think LTT is the best consumer tech review outfit out there. They have done a lot to create science based accurate reviews, they have taken stands for worker rights, stood up for sex workers, moved monetary avenues off big tech platforms, their opening an engineering testing lab. I just wish the linux thing was framed differently.

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mainstream reviewer of alternative things / being silly 

Zines? Their not the same as CNN. 0/10

A community market day? This isn't the same as Amazon. It's not even the same as a mall. 0/10

Mastodon? This isn't the same as Twitter. 0/10

Linux? This isn't the same as Windows. 0/10

It's not like anything is perfect (far from it), but measuring alternatives against the mainstream options casts them as only ever being capable of being a lesser version. "dream bigger".

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Warriors of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy have been shutting down Canada's busiest highway (the 401) all morning between Six Nations and Akwesasne. Their rolling blockade is in support of the Wet'suwet'en Nation.

server is setup and running a RAID 10 datastore with local network file shares 😃

I'll get VMs and containers running on it for services later.

trans voice stuff 

ugh, why does my voice always sound so deep when I hear echo in video calls? If the meeting is recorded and I hear myself my tone is in the mid range and sounds extremely gay in the best way. I get gendered correctly on the phone about 90% of the time. Yet, the echo is being transphobic, smh

"hey, instead of cashback or miles why don't we promise to give the working class a $500 payment if they ever go on strike!? 😆 If they need the $500 so bad they of course would miss payments and we would make it back in a month, lol! 🤣 "

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"union mastercard". "CapitalOne will give hardship grants in the case of a strike of $500". Uhhh, that's not how strikefunds work. This is some sort of junk mail trap with the weirdest angle.

"great resignation" is to "antiwork"


"defund the police" is to "abolish the police"

Are you depressed and committed a crime? Instead of community service for 10 hours you might get a minimum of a year of probation with mandatory:
* Social service check-ins
* Forced medicating
* Court ordered appointments with therapists of the states choosing

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the fact that there even exists a "Mental Health Court" fucks me up on so many levels.

hot take / kinda rude 

Noam Chomsky is the worst orator in history

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All sides of the / debate is making my brain try to flee from my body. I don't see how any side of framing the future of transportation or accessibility that way leads to a healthy ecosystem or a form of liberation. Go rip up the concrete and show up for your disabled community.

Let Noam Chomsky enjoy retirement. Other people can make (and have been making for the better part of a year) the exact same argument.

I've been wondering what was going on with El Salvador and why they are making the decisions they are about bitcoin, and then I saw a video of President, Nayib Bukele, and realized he's a crypto/tech-bro through and through.

Just 'cause I want to vent about Target 

"locked us inside" = they locked all the doors (inside and out) so you couldn't leave except by two emergency doors which would call the police if you tried to walk out. There was no one onsite to unlock them until 6am.

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Just 'cause I want to vent about Target 

Target stole pay from me, they forced people to work overtime off the clock, they locked us inside the store for graveyard shift, they had 2x the number of cameras in employee areas than in public areas, they led a coworker out in handcuffs for allegedly pocketing $15, they asked me to risk my life climbing over pallets stacked 5 high to get toilet paper, and when we talked about unionizing they flew a private jet of union busters out to yell at us.

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What was 'that one shitty job' that you worked where it was so bad you will always tell people to never give them business?

For me it was Target. F that place. Worse than Walmart by a mile.

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