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weird neo-fascist movements 

Has the Dark Enlightenment / NRx movement slipped from public consciousness? I feel like it got sort of overshadowed by the rise of Trump and others. It was an ideological movement from silicon valley types who were libertarian transhumanists that believed that people were not intelligent enough to realize libertarian futurism and we needed to get rid of democracy and move to authoritarianism. Of course that also means class stratification by intelligence.

150 people listened to my music in September!? I wonder what happened. Maybe someone stuck it in a youtube video or something 😃

This crosses over a bit outside of OSINT into moral grey area, but if you actually want to learn OSINT practices talk to a private eye. The tools they use and practices for investigation are tried and true in my experience.

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my imposter syndrome: "you are not qualified to get into infosec"

the guy whose talk I watched on OSINT yesterday on a professional platform: "here is how to do google searches with quotes, you should use a VPN like NordVPN, here is an inspiration quote from Jordan Peterson, and btw I make a quarter million a year."


Then the GOP and a few Democrats will throw a fit that the 'left' hates America and both because they want to single out wealthy people, but also they only want to double and not quadruple the police.

They will settle on tripling the police in the "ERA" (Eat the Rich Act), and it will still fail.

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'eat the rich' will soon be dafanged even further than the ambiguous metaphor that it is, and we will start seeing things politicians saying things like:

"of course no one actually wants to consume the rich or even facilitate a world without billionaires. We simply want to 'eat' their unpaid taxes. That is why we must support this bill that pairs funding a doubling of police and 10% increase in the US's military capabilities via a wealth tax."


hadn't tried mangosteen before. It's pretty good.

I got so much rambutan as well that I'm gonna need to make some jelly or something

petition to make the new communist international anthem Kevin MacLeod's Monkeys Spinning Monkeys

With supply chains in the US looking to have some issues this winter, just a reminder that there are awesome craft fairs and holiday bazaars if you don't want to make things. I'm bad at making things for small kids. So, I like to get carved wood figurines and homemade plushies for my nieces and nephew.


Got my haircut at a proper salon (first time since the start of the pandemic). Then I went to the Vietnamese grocery store and got a stockpile of persimmons, mangosteen, rambutan, actually good instant noodles, Yum Yum Taste So Good Soup Mix, and Mr. Brown canned coffee.

The ESP32 is a pretty cool microcontroller. If you know a tiny bit of programming (or are willing to take a 3hr-ish tutorial you would be fine as well) you can DIY your own IoT controllers for about $10 a piece. Has WiFi, BlueTooth, and BLE baked in. I'm playing with some that are on boards with LoRaWAN for longer range radio as well. Highly recommend for fun little learning projects and prototyping.

Decided to look up what the NextDoor posts were like in the neighborhood I might be moving to.

First post: "Did anyone see the UFO last night?" Followed by tons of grainy photos with mspaint red circles on it.

I think that is the best case scenario for NextDoor 😆


btw, this is real:

"Today, millions of Italian Americans continue to enrich our country’s traditions and culture and make lasting contributions to our Nation"

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