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bah, email seller sent me the wrong wireless card πŸ˜•

family ~ 

I need to have a conversation with my stepdad, but it's going to be super serious and awkward πŸ˜•

He's retiring and bought a small place in Idaho he's moving to. He currently owns a townhouse like a mile away from me, and I want to try to talk him into letting me buy it, but that's obviously super complex and bringing serious financial stuff up with family is ... hard.

Soylent and Juicero were the canary in the coalmine for the crumbling of late stage capitalism.

I don't understand most covers of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. It's a beautiful and devastating song, but the covers seem to be done where the context makes no sense. I thought it was about a Jewish man losing his belief in religion and finding a place in his heritage, but I keep seeing it performed by Christians at remembrance events to strengthen their faith.

Maybe I'm just missing something and being ignorant?

It's 2021. Why are cry-baby "just asking question" troll academics getting the front-page national media attention still?

Dude literally held a seminar featuring Sargon, and got some pushback. He was under Title 9 investigation. Stop giving him publicity to sell his fake victim story pls.

knives / PDX 


I do have a small multi-tool I carry in my purse that has a blade too. So, I am not immune to this πŸ˜†

I do have a larger straight blade knife I wear on my hip, but that's just for in the woods when backpacking, and it's hot pink. Not really a weapon.

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ugh, already seeing phishing emails trying to harvest data by requesting proof of vaccination. The ones I'm seeing are asking for upload of ID's and Vaccination cards.

Make sure to verify with your employer that vaccination proof requests are legitimate.

knives / PDX 

Open carry of firearms is illegal in PDX/Multnomah county. But open carry of large blades is legal. So, people often are seen just walking around with hunting knives on their belts or even carrying machetes down the street. And while I know far more that concealed carry pepper spray (though this is technically illegal here but never enforced) most people I know also carry a small knife concealed as well (legal up to ~3" blade).

It's just a strange state of affairs. πŸ˜† πŸ”ͺ

Then, I want to work on backing up all the old software, and getting some demoscene disks running on it.

I need to learn Basic a bit better. I think it's cool to be building up a small arsenal of old tech that will last for decades more, and I should be able to refurb for many many years. All of this planned obsolescence tech today is just going to end up in landfills and be very difficult to scavenge from when the silicon industry begins to crumble/phase out.

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I looked into what I need to do to refurb my Commodore 64, and it's a bit. It currently runs, but apparently the old power supplies are dangerous to use. So, I have to build or buy a new modern one. Get a video signal converter. Recap the board, and of course clean (maybe retrobrite) the whole system.

It was my first computer though. So, I think it's worth doing.

I got so much done this weekend. I'm pretty proud.

* Prepped some food for the week
* Cleaned up
* Assembled a new mattress
* Sorted through my mom's things to help my family finally part with her old things (there was still like a dozen totes of materials after 12 years 😬 )
* Played through Snatcher mostly. I think I am in the last scene of Act 3 right now. So, I'll probably finish it this week.

mild gross medical 

I noticed what I think is the start of a wart on my finger last week. So, I got those medicated bandages to deal with it. I left it on for 48 hours like they suggested and it's so weird. It killed the top layer of skin all around it, and the layer peeled off in the shower in that little area. Now I have this perfect circle of just the very outer layer of skin missing on one finger, lol.

considering making this photo the cover of the greeting cards I send this year πŸ€”

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mattress review 

oh, plus latex lets heat and air flow through it. So, it sleeps much much cooler. It is really nice ☁️ 😴 πŸ›Œ 😴 ☁️

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mattress review 

The mattress is very soft at the top, but being latex it's bouncy and feels like jello. It doesn't keep memory like memory foam so it is easy to move around in. Still the foam is a medium firmness that I can sink into a bit and comfortably sleep on my side. The coils are bouncy but firm so I feel very well supported (as I'm a bit heavier).

12/10 better than any mattress I've literally ever tried, but since I selected all the layers myself that's to be expected I guess.

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I finished my DIY mattress! Well I don't have a permanent cover for it yet as I want to test it for a bit in case I want more layers and the depth changes.

Anyway from top to bottom:
* cheap temp cover
* 3" soft latex foam
* 2" medium latex foam
* 6" pocket coils
* 1" dense foam

I also found a pic of me wearing a Max Headroom shirt πŸ˜†

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