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celebrity death 

Rest In Power Biz Markie

We've lost so many great musicians in the last year 😢

A fun idea for a leftist or even a tech video: Homebrew and Right to Repair in Communist Societies and Cultures.

Topics could include: Cuban car modifications to deal with the embargo, Chinese copyright/patent evasion allowing for invasion, homebrew communities benefiting from free culture and piracy cirlces, etc.

If anyone here does breadtube feel free to steal the idea. It might be a way to reach a new audience.

I'm thinking about getting a sticker like this to slap on the deck when I get it in December 💽 📱 🌐

social media / deplatforming anti-vaccine propaganda 

what are the vegas odds that reddit finally bans /r/nonewnormal now that politicians are speaking about it?

Reddit: "a toxic community ... on our website ??? how could anyone have seen this coming ... for the ... 27th time?"

I can't believe people don't like the Steam Deck name. I've been wanting to be a decker with a cyber deck since I was 12. When I hack this thing 10 seconds after unboxing I'll have it. I'm hoping I can get a cheap used VR headset that will work over USB-C as well. Then I can use that as a monitor to jack-in.

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#OtD 16 Jul 1862 feminist, writer, and anti-racist and anti-lynching activist Ida B. Wells was born. Wells' investigative journalism documented lynchings in the American south, and she was one of the founders of the


darn, it sounds like some people are having trouble reserving the steam deck. Mine took a minute, but my invoice says 10:01. So, hopefully I'm pretty early in the queue.

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I reserved the Steam Deck in the first couple minutes of it going live. We'll see when I get the ability to actually buy it when it goes into production 🤷‍♀️

I love CalyxOS, but I still haven't figured out how to use work profiles (or even really what they are) a month later. I feel like it could be useful to me, but when I try it out I'm completely lost. I used to be a senior android engineer. I feel like it should be intuitive enough for someone like me to figure out, but alas.

The best thing about the Steam Deck is that a year from now some Apple snob will be on a bus with a 12 year old girl. The Apple person will ask about some iPad game, and the 12 year old will turn and respond "actually I use Arch Linux."

OK, finally looked a bit into the valve deck thing. It looks really cool. I've been wanting a small plug-in desktop for awhile. I want to see how repairable it will be, and I'm curious what the battery life is with the screen off. Could I replace my phone with a flip phone and use this for apps? It's only really missing a camera for that use case.

I also wish they would have gone with thunderbolt instead of USB-C so you could use dual external monitors.

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huh, Valve actually made a thing I kinda want. Maybe I'll make that my new consumable purchase for the year.

I love handhelds, and this one seems the easiest to mod and run community stuff on (of the high quality handhelds)

Can anyone recommend a decent spin bike that is less than $500 and would accommodate a tall person? I'm kind of frustrated with the ones I have been seeing that are built super cheaply when I was able to get my locally made high quality road bike for $300.

and yes, I realize this is pretty much the setting of Mad Max, but really isn't that pretty much our reality already anyway?

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Thinking about getting a truck and mounting a giant black flag to it. Then I can raid the trucks with the giant American flags on them. I might also need cannons and plank. 🏴‍☠️🚚 🤔

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uspol / trump 

All of these "revelations" about trump are silly. I can't believe people didn't see what was happening from the outside. Everyone in my circles here knew what was up. All the Black folks I know knew what was happening. I literally wrote on here in the early morning of Jan 6th that the only question of if there would be a coup is how far the state would let the MAGA people go. Now there are news reports that "generals were shocked when Trump seemed to be plotting a coup" ... no shit.

I kind of want to write something like Invisible Cities, but instead of just place making add in disconnected Socratic dialogs in each setting. The conversation would be reminiscent of magical realism and the nihilism of Waiting For Godot. The statement would be more of the taking in of the whole of the collective experiences written throughout.


One thing I don't see being mentioned (by dems or republicans) about the democrats who denied quorum in the Texas state legislature, by going to DC to stop anti-voting bills, is that OR republicans have done the same thing multiple times where they fled to Idaho to stop bills about climate change and gun control. In one instance the democratic governor also threatened arrest of those that fled, but in the end nothing really happened and the bills died.

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