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PDX unionized tech job 

If you are interested in a unionized tech job in Portland here is one. It's a different team than mine, but the folks I know on that team are cool.

🙅‍♀️ Misinterpreting media and thinking the toxic masculinity and traditional het relationships they rail against are good
🙆‍♀️ Actually living the cool parts of media like Fight Club and The Matrix as a queer trans leftist

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strange facts about me 

I once apprenticed with a magician.
I've hopped freight trains.
I worked as a film projectionist and splice in weird trailers an stuff.
I took part in disruptive actions that have shut down the city twice.
I goto hacker conferences, and was featured on the front page of the state newspaper for being a privacy/crypto activist.
I wrote code that helped OWS organize.
I'm a trans woman.

The far-right redpill people need to stop LARPing. They got nothing on my lived experience.

I learned some new stretches yesterday that help with back pain. They are called "decompression stretches" if you want to :ddg: them. Just tried it the once so far, but it helped a lot.

pol / econ 

Janet Yellen: Capitalism is dead. How do I water down Piketty's economic theory as much as possible so the rich can remain rich?

"don't cry over spilled milk", I say to my landlord as they inspect the part of the property I converted into an indoor milk pool.

If copyright still expired after 25 years 2Pac and Biggie's music would be pretty much entirely in the public domain now. All of Nirvana would be in the public domain. Neutral Milk Hotel's first album would be in the public domain and Aeroplane would be next year.

Wrecked my nails tearing down a proud boys sticker 😢

My non-nerdy friends: "why are you telling me facts about a 30 year old calculator?"

🤔 I could write as series of self-help books under the pen-name Jorts On Peterson

Rule to life #1

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hmmm, with a lot of restaurants closing in the last year I wonder if it is economical to open an infoshop with a commercial kitchen?

Concept: a new show that has a similar formula to PawnStars, but takes place in a freestore

This piece, by Fox Odoi-Oywelowo, helped me understand the LGBTQI struggle in Uganda better:

"No, Uganda is not making it illegal to be gay (again), but the LGBTQI fight for equality in the country – and Africa – is still far from over."

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I think the GDPR is actually pretty great and forward thinking, but the way most sites comply with a popup that you need to dismiss is annoying, because no matter if you accept or don't that info is ... stored in a cookie. I erase all cookies minutes after leaving a page. So, I get those popups over and over again 😫

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