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Justice Thomas said nationalize big tech social media, and I'm ... not against that


After trying to get into the scheduling thing for over an hour (with many attempts giving me options to schedule, but then the server would crash as I clicked submit to schedule) all of the appointments are now full, and I will have to go through this all again tomorrow.

Walgreens has no appointments in the entire states of Oregon and Washington

Safeway/Albertsons has one opening in rural Washington I'm considering.

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and now the vaccine schedule site is returning 429 Too Many Requests

what a mess

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Yay! I'm finally eligible to schedule an appointment for a vaccine today.

Every vaccine provider for 100 miles: There are no appointments available within a 100 mile radius for the next 5 days. Please check back later.

I really despise the whole office culture of commenting on how close and far away the weekend is, but this de-motivational meme is different somehow

I probably don't say this enough, but I hope my linux posts don't annoy Windows and mac users. Windows and macOS are both fine operating systems. I work on them a lot at work.

I just find linux fun, and I can do more without jumping through piracy hoops or spending money on apps. You should use whatever works for you.

pdxpol / cops + 

liberals: all of you anarchists protesting will never abolish the police

the police: 😭 the community doesn't like me and the anarchists call me mean names. I quit

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pdxpol / cops + 

β€œOne day people will wake up and wonder,” he said, β€œwhere have all the cops gone?”

And we will rejoice.

nftables kinda sounds like it's a music artists name. dropping beats and dropping packets

Space Jam 2 looks like a lot of fun. I might go see it in a theater if it's safe by then


it's really fucked up that major political parties have stated goals of courting the "white working class". I don't understand why that is considered OK. I mean, definitely trying to empower the "working class" is great, but specifically the 'white' working class is some fascist shit.

Maybe I'm just having too much fun with terminal apps πŸ˜›

I wish masto profiles could have songs that play on them like old myspace pages. Mine would just have the cat marching band song

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[A game hero walks up to an engineer to get high tech gear]

engineer: I have invented The Double Jump Boots. They allow you to jump once off air after your first jump

hero: Why are you limiting it at one jump? Why not two, five, or twenty?

engineer: 😑 Only double jump!

I kind of want to make a clock now that is just a progress bar for the century.

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Sometimes I think about how we are 21% done with this century.


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