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Learning Rust, I keep seeing these examples where functions are so long they have to "snip" out sections of code. If you can snip part of a function why is it in the same function? That's too much work.

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Coding for lazy evaluation encourages lazy coding. Lazy in a good way. Start with one function, and do as little as possible. Any actual work should be pushed out or abstracted to other functions. Just do the bare minimum. When the program is like "no, I actually need the data" only then be like "ugh, fine here you go".

wow, Democracy Now has been on the air for 25 years. It's certainly not the most radical news project, but it's been a staple of left leaning and grassroots organizing news for most of my life. I wish every community project could find such success.


I'm watching the hearing on CSPAN, and a congresswoman put the issue really plainly and clearly:
* In the FOMO around GameStop about 30% of US adults invested something into GameStop
* Overall on platforms like Robinhood, retail investors have a negative return ~90% of the time
* Robinhood and meme stocks gamify stocks/investing turning it into gambling
* Trading partners like Citadel are the house, retail investors are the product

snow / guns / silly 

They plowed my street creating a huge pile of snow blocking my driveway. I don't have a shovel, and I'm trying to figure out how to remove it. Current ideas:
* get a piece of cardboard and use it as a scoop hoping it won't get soggy
* dust pan
* just ram it with my car
* shoot at it

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it's 2021, how are there still websites without SSL support?

I finished working through the Fullstack Rust book, and I think I am getting to know the language pretty well. Now I'm working through main Rust Programming Language book, and challenging myself to write a program that achieves the goal of the chapter. Then reviewing the chapter for improvements and help as needed.

I'm about ready to start my Rust project or maybe start hacking on Rustodon.

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TXPol, genuinely disturbing life and death stuff 

there are tiktoks and videos and posts online right now of people that may not survive through the storm, trying to spread information and combat misinfo and toxic liberal coastal elite are laughing in the faces of people literally on death's doorstep.

the toxicity of the two party system is so deeply ingrained into this country that coastal elites are laughing and cheering on the deaths of children, poor people, the elderly and disabled, the homeless, of all spectrums of culture and skin tone, the largest portion of which are people you'd otherwise call comrade

except they live in a voter suppression state ie: red state. hm.

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i'm too tired rn to be very angry but in case you're still on the fence, we have multiple politicians coming out now to say that theyre willing to let poor people die to fuel their own homes, and talking us down by saying they don't owe us?? electricity? safety? what the fuck do we pay taxes for?

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I''m trying to make lemmy's portland community a better place than the /r/portland subreddit. Should be pretty easy, lol.

cops / food / capitalism / Portland 

The context that was conveyed to me is that this Fred Meyer's (Kroger) lost power, threw away a dumpster worth of food, and the Portland police setup security to guard the dumpster.

What a failure of society. No plan on Kroger's part to more efficiently redistribute food before it's bad. Failure of treating food as a right. Failure of cops existing.

"the syntax for creating a macro is to invoke a macro..." 😵

I feel kind of bad about how lucky I've been during this storm. I had a friend over for the start (planned for a long time with intense pandemic self quarantines), and my power didn't go off once. So, i've just been chilling and making tons of yummy crockpot food. Went and checked on my neighbors today, and got everyone's driveways clear.

It's been extra isolating, but all in all I've been super lucky.

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whoa, apparently my phone has a secret button that goes off when you squeeze it. I thought the phone was malfunctioning, but I found settings for it in the gesture settings

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