@peoplelikedogs @mart0 cool! thanks! It looks like it integrates with Overdrive as well, so I can also just randomly checkout library books directly to it which is nice.

I'm looking at the kobo libra 2. Anyone recommend it? I want something to read books with search, bookmarks, long battery life, integration with calibre, able to read at least epub and pdf.

food / shitpost 

🎵 my own, edible, jesus,
someone served in stemware
tastes like eclairs

@Moss just learning the jargon was a huge hurdle. Half of the questions are just lists of acronyms, and many of the acronyms are the same depending on context.

I think I have that down 100% now, but many of the questions pose a problem which can be interpreted 4 different ways, and then asks you to pick the subjective "BEST" or "WORST" one or the correct answers.

I just want to get it over with at this point, but each test attempt is $800 😕

I've been studying non stop for weeks for the CISSP. I'm consistently getting around 80% on practice tests, but I just keep missing questions. Not because I don't understand the material, but because they ask it in a way where the solution indicates that you were supposed to assume some unstated fact. It's so frustrating.

"these images were shot on home video by the anarchist themselves"

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I want to get to the point that if I ever had a moment of weakness and tried to signup for a Facebook account they wouldn't let me, because they don't believe I exist.

thinking about how for the month of October my little home server that is just a 7 year old optiplex running in my living room has had better uptime then many of the most popular websites in the world ran by giant corporations.

Blacklisted / no spoilers 

I really like Blacklisted. It's a cop show, and it's too nice to the FBI. Still, it shows them as inept and also makes criminals look ethical regularly. It's very silly, but the characters are all unique and amazing.

Like in this episode there is a border control IT person who the criminal is getting info from and he is a soft spoken guy with lots of parakeets and a cross stitch on his wall that says "I love parakeets more than people" 😆

Synchronous Digital Hierarchy is one of those cases where the phrase is a terrible band name.

@awkward_enbean perhaps, these rely on people knowing about which vendors have lax security processes. There will probably always be vendors that do have bad identity authentication. It'd definitely safer to not use SMS, but it is still better than single factor password only.

@kawaiipunk I feel this way a bit about Samurai Champloo where I identify aspects of myself in both Fuu and Jin.

Blacklisted / conjecture but probably also spoilers 

I wonder if it's as obvious to cis people?

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Blacklisted / conjecture but probably also spoilers 

I'm not all the way caught up on season 8, but it has been so painfully obvious that Raymond Reddington's big secret is that he is a trans man (and specifically he is the one that gave birth to Elizabeth) that it just makes me pull my hair out. They talk about him getting plastic surgery. He has doctors that are paid millions to keep secrets about him. and there is just so so much more that points to this being the case.

hack example pattern 

@RadiantEmber sms based 2FA is still orders of magnitude better than not having it at all. Sim-jacking takes someone creating a fake ID of you and going in-person to a carrier store. So, someone would have to be directly targeting you for it to be worth their time. It's not necessarily hard but it's harder than just resetting your password and logging in.

Those are the types of attacks people are actually doing. Though the SIM-jacking is usually only targeted at people of interest or wealthy people.

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hack example pattern 

Since they can get into your email they could access it, but thankfully you set up 2FA at the bank. ... but it's over SMS. So, they whip up a crappy fake ID with your name on it and they go to the cell providers store you use with a burner phone. They ask for a new sim on your account. The phone seller asks for ID. Of course they don't run it in any system so the Fake ID works great. Now they get the 2FA texts for the bank and empty your account.

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hack example pattern 

Why these steps are important is that a normal online attack these days goes like this:

Twitch got leaked. Someone saw got your email and password from it. You changed your twitch password, but the attacker doesn't care. You used the same password on the email address listed. They open that up and find an email from your bank. They try to login there, but the password is different. They do a reset password that goes to your email (cont).

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