I'm struggling a bit with Myst. I hope I can get it working

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I've been playing around with dosbox and wine to play classic games (dos, win 3.1, win 95). I got Deus Ex and Ripper working flawlessly so far ๐Ÿ˜„

@darius @Moss tbf, I once did stay at a commune that had a guest bus with four bunks retrofitted into it. But that was back when 20 punks could rent a warehouse in SF and turn it into a mini-commune.

@Moss Visiting older family is like: "and this is our guest room..."

me in confused millennial: "g-g-guest room?"

What is this cat anime google doodle game?

I hate pointing people toward google, but it's pretty fun and addicting

@yeenbean fuck yeah, unions!

Fiscal year just rolled around at my work. So, my contract bumped me up a step for more vacation (on top of the 3 wks I already get per year) and a $1 an hour raise.

dreaming about what a game from an Octavia Butler universe would be like...

A Fledgling game ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I have seen Ripper on zero best of Scifi lists ๐Ÿ˜”

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One really good SciFi game I want to play again is Ripper. I wonder if it would work in DOS box.

It's a cyberpunk-esque noir FMV game starring Christopher Walken. It's the first game I remember playing that had alternate endings depending on your actions.


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*looks up scifi game top 10 lists*

"#1 is Star Wars Blah Blay"

๐Ÿ˜  Star Wars is not scifi. It's space fantasy. I will die on this hill.

A PC version of the tabletop RPG Paranoia that focused on psychological horror instead of combat would be really fun and challenging.

You keep waking up as new clones in a totalitarian society that prevents you from rising up and taking on the state AI. Slowly solving puzzles, stealth mechanics, building RPG skills (non-combat), and through many clone lives. You get closer and closer to taking the state down.

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I wish there were more PC games that actually reflected modern speculative fiction, or even classic scifi tropes if they didn't rely on FPS mechanics

anti-capitalist tech musing 

@ff0000 yes certainly. That was why I wrote the post later in the thread about tinkerers. Open opportunity to become a tinkerer and get more involved is great. I'm more reflecting on the fact that not everyone is a tinkerer and would want to pursue that opportunity. Many would be served by different or old tech just as well or better in many cases.

@The_T tbf, I didn't pay for it. I hate read things sometimes. I read Atlas Shrugged just so I could retort ancaps. It's kind of funny to jump into an indepth critique of scenes of that book when they try to use it as a shield for their toxic ideology.

@The_T Too many people read that book as a roadmap to a utopia.

Movie Idea: A parody of Idiocracy, but it's called Technocracy. A dystopian future where wealthy nerds never grew up, create electronic toys that become so crucial to the workings of society they become the means of entrapping the citizenry, the rich man children fly into space while 90 year old grandmothers are forced to work in a small box in the back of McDonalds filling out spreadsheets for the robots to complete orders...

Hmm, this seems familiar. Maybe someone already made it?

anti-capitalist tech musing 

@poiseunderchaos yeah agreed.

"Openness" without community accountability is just technocracy.

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