@poiseunderchaos except that will all be invisible in the background, and you'll just have a second class web to surf.

@poiseunderchaos "Attention: your behavioral label has been deemed as undesirable by our brand. This page is not for you. Please proceed to our partner that ... better fits your social strata ..."

So, Google's response to tracking cookies is to mark your browser with a group of people that browse like you. So, we can all be identified as mastodon weirdos by our browsers.

Maybe in the future you will just visit a website, be identified by google as undesirable and blocked (or maybe even authorities notified if we go extreme dystopian).


Clair de Lune is such a nice piece of music. The peace, the building of tension, the resolution ... it could describe the beauty of something very small precious and precious, but also the immense entirety of our existence. And when it resolves at the end it is very final. There is nothing more to be said.

politics of violence 

I have seen way to many people be like "I wanna talk about white supremacy and why it's bad, but before I do ... also fuck antifa and anarchists."

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politics of violence 

Literally every political struggle uses violence.

the leftwing struggle is for liberation.
the centrist struggle is to maintain control over the population
the rightwing struggle is for genocide

that's what makes some uses of violence worthy of condemnation.

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politics of violence 

Of course I'm tired of the rightwing "both sides" equivocation of ideological violence.

I'm also tired of the centrist argument that goes "the violence of white supremacy and anarchists is not equivalent as the anarchists didn't try to disrupt the process. I condemn all those who use violence."

Do you condemn the police?
Who cares if anarchists did disrupt the democratic process? That would be rad.

after I get my debt payed off I want to do a little tech project. I want to build a mini-rack that can hold a small switch, power connection, UPS, 2-4 hard disks, and 4 raspberry pis. Then I want to setup local services on them like NAS, VPN, etc.

I want like a mini server rack, but with ultra low power and quiet systems for basic services that I can pretty much plug in to power and ethernet and be good to go.

videos where people buy pallets of Amazon's consumer waste are incredibly depressing. They are bad unboxing videos where the host just gets more and more sad until they have a tearful reflection segment about how they lost a ton of money, but maybe there was some lesson they learned on the way ... not anti-consumerism but maybe luck and prayer works in mysterious ways.

I always see these ads for sub 2% APRs. Do these actually exist? Any offer for credit I get is always higher than a 26% APR. I'm pretty sure my federal student loans are around 4%.

The only low APR I've ever seen for myself is the 0.05% APR I get on my bank account.

lol, I just found a track I like on youtube that has been copyright claimed by the record company who released an album that samples this original recording 🤦‍♀️

Canine Intervention on Netflix is pretty good. Probably the best pet show I've seen.

food / being silly 

gonna make a clone of Summoning Salt's channel but instead of telling stories about video game speed running it will be about competitive eating

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Free seeds for residents of Oregon 

OSU's extension service is offering free seeds for residents of the state, you can find out more and sign up here: oregonstate.qualtrics.com/jfe/

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