Why Slavoj Žižek and Moxie Marlinspike Are Both Wrong About Autonomy

I wrote a thing. I didn't proof read it so it's probably full of mistakes, but I'm burned out for now. Maybe you will find it interesting though.


@kawaiipunk welp it keeps crashing for me it even crashed my Gnome session somehow 😳

@kawaiipunk yeah, that's my point.

Can you link to the desktop download? I only see the android app links

@kawaiipunk I really like Briar. I'll have to try the desktop app. My biggest complaint about the project was that it was only on Android so a lot of people couldn't use it. I don't know how they will ever get iOS support ever though. As soon as someone in a friend group mainly uses iOS the ability to use the app with those friends goes down the drain.

@poiseunderchaos or on the flip side, there was a centralized authority who dictated how and when everyone participated.

Thankfully, individual autonomy to freely associate and work together solves both.

That time when Malatesta perfectly articulated why moderating federated communities is good

I just had an amazing blog post idea. I'm committing to writing it: Why Savoj Zizek and Moxie Marlinspike Are Both Wrong About Autonomy

Signal, NFTs 

@vortex_egg really!? He just posted a long essay tearing them down the other day.

My laptop has a socketed CPU. Meaning it's not soldered on. I can swap it out. I have swapped it out. I am confused why this is impossible to find on other laptops.

new policy 

So far, even those with a clear use case and proposed security controls have either been a MLM, had lack of unstated security controls, or didn't provide the stated security controls in practice. But I do want to help people vet something and not get scammed.

If it has no use case and can't explain why it solves it, then it is a scam until proven otherwise and I can't help someone who gets pulled in. That's beyond my ability.

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new policy 

I will no longer be reviewing and doing tech dives into anything related to cryptocurrencies unless a specific use case is given and a review of specific security controls offered by the blockchain or currency is provided.

If someone says "The future 🌐 of life 👶 is here for the virtual hamsterspace 🚀 surfing chain 🏄 ⛓️ . To the moon!" It's just an MLM and no other investigation is needed.

@sys64738 the thrift store, garage sales, ebay, craigslist. Most of them are broken, but can be parted into working models. I am also starting to look at pallet surplus orders from auctions, but I need more space to house that. I'm not ready to scale up though. Just doing a pilot of 3-10 of them for now to see how it goes.

@sys64738 Part of setting up the old thinkpads I'm working on is flashing the BIOS and disabling things like IME. I'm also thinking about adding hardware kill switches for camera/mic. I'm not just slapping on Ubuntu.

This is why I think tech people setting these up as a service is a positive thing to do. I just want to do that for free instead of $2K. The current X220 I'm working on cost me $20 to get and refurb.

I think we should let the goats play in the US Senate chamber and that will be the new CSPAN for anarchists and you can go there and play with them and feed them

@argumento I'm not familiar with the bracelets, but I am very familiar with Tails. I love Tails, but it's use of everything over Tor means that people need to be trained before using it. If someone uses Tails and logs into their Facebook then they are less secure than they would have been otherwise.

@technomancy for everyday computing sure. For someone wanting to organize a march or something for the first time, then handing them a laptop that is preconfigured and telling them to use that for their organizing stuff is easier than convincing them to learn how to reconfigure their current tech to cater to their new threat landscape, imo.

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