It would seem that workers do in fact have power

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**Andrew Brown Jr’s shooting ‘justified’, no charges filed: DA**

"Three deputies involved in the shooting will not face charges from county officials after prosecutorial probe."

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fuck the whole system. nothing changed

apple discourse 

mountain rose apples are still by far my favorites though, but I think part of the allure is that they only grow in the PNW for a short period of the year.

I also wish more farmers here grew pawpaws though.

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it seems like cosmic crisp apples are becoming more available. They were bred to be easy to grow, stay fresh way longer, and retain their taste. That means farmers can stockpile them year round and continue to sell them in the off season. I wish they weren't proprietary though.

I don't get electric cars as a way to be "greener". Personal vehicles still require a ton of power to produce. Electric vehicles still take a lot of power to ... power. Lithium raw minerals still are extracted. It seems like the better way to address the issue is to change our infrastructure to move away from private vehicles.

institutional technical practice question 

I work in a place with somewhat technical people (on average they should have the knowledge of a basic A+ certification). I'm trying to plan how to introduce a version control system to handle our 100 or so deployment scripts. What would you all recommend? I think asking everyone to learn git might be too much of an ask. I'm considering maybe a Gitea instance where they are trained to edit in the browser and make a simple pull request?

@Moss For comfy shoes I usually get ones made by Clark's that are categorized as "walking shoes". They have a large selection of those, they have a utilitarian but cute aesthetic, they are around $150, and all of the ones I've had lasted until the soles wore through.

Mastodon/internet technical question 

@Qwyrdo I would probably start by checking what applications currently are tied to your account in settings (there might be an old one that is having issues). Then, sign out of the apps or third party clients you use and sign back in. If it still is a problem, then contact the admins on your instance and see if they can provide more info.

Mastodon/internet technical question 

@Qwyrdo this a measure to help protect from bots. Only so many requests from a single source can be run in a given amount of time. The time should be a couple seconds at most. If you are seeing it in your browser or an app there is probably some sort of a bug, or your client is broken and spamming requests.

Trans people in El Salvador marched yesterday to demand legal changes allowing them to update their documents with their correct name and gender.

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I haven't seen exchange server prices. I think mailbox is about $12 a year.

I'm not sure if allows for catch-alls. I just setup a separate domain of mine to catch all and forward to my mailbox address.

carry around morale patches that say "kick me" to slap on the back of people who wear plate carriers.

tech / being a nerd 

It sounds like to appease me they are going to get me a ubikey which is probably even better. So, I guess being that weirdo in my workplace paid off kind of 😆

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tech / being a nerd 

oh no, I've become so use to Sway/i3 keybindings I just tried to use them on my Windows work computer.

This is like when I type ":w" in google docs while collaborating with coworkers.

I already had to be that nerdy girl in an all-hands meeting who had to speak up during an infosec presentation about multi-factor auth with: "I'm afraid of SIM hijacking, can we please support an open secure standard like TOTP?"

meta about meta 

@ItsJenNotGabby like, there's certainly space in friendships for people to sit down and say "hey your friend really hurt me" or "this person makes me uncomfortable" and then discuss that. Just blanket ultimatums for anything beyond the most extreme cases is something that makes me have a bad time.

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