Well I just got invited to the most lit party of the year!

CW: it is not lit and is some weird religious rightwing cult

facebook / time cover / extreme zuck eye contact 

I know TIME covers don't mean a whole lot, but still having your face and an extremely mainstream magazine suggesting permanently boycotting your company is pretty big

Fitness Goal 

500 miles on the exercise bike since I got it in mid July!

OR pol 

They just did redistricting in OR, and look at the Oregon Senate district I'm in. It's the one that looks like a diagonal bowtie to the west and south of gresham.
The west area is the most diverse area of Portland and ahs the largest number of immigrants and refugees in the city. The southern area in Damascus leans right.
I kind of feel like the dems who redistricted this sold out the diverse area of the city to etch out a bit of the right leaning area 😕

Portland / Missing Person 

Neighbors asked me to share this. If you don't want to talk to the cops message me and I'll speak to my neighbors directly.

Why yes, I do like bloc-chain technology. When people dressed in black at an action link arms forming a human chain.

Oh, so this is what's causing climate change! It was Gen Z not wearing sweaters the whole time! /s

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