It's not for everyone, but Gnome Shell is so nice to use. It does everything I want (I do need a couple plugins but that take about 1 minute to setup) and it otherwise stays out of my way.

Sometimes I think of masto instances as space ships. Some are giant city size ships, some are little pirate crews, and I'm out here on my single user instance like

the artist made a pretty cute drawing of it.

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cops / food / capitalism / Portland 

The context that was conveyed to me is that this Fred Meyer's (Kroger) lost power, threw away a dumpster worth of food, and the Portland police setup security to guard the dumpster.

What a failure of society. No plan on Kroger's part to more efficiently redistribute food before it's bad. Failure of treating food as a right. Failure of cops existing.

corporations defacing flags 

I don't care that much about flags, but the progress pride flag at least had some symbolism that you were aware of struggles. To see one in an amazon warehouse with the amazon smile painted over it signifies to me that it has been nearly totally appropriated. Feels bad

I'm going to start working through my favorite college textbook again. It's been awhile and it was the most challenging subject I covered. I feel like I can learn a lot more by working through it once more.

This new design pattern where websites just put blank sections in that say "Advertisement" is a weird choice, but not the worst.

every time someone mentions new types of guys I just think of the action figures in Steven Universe, and imagine them popping out of a vending machine as gashapon


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