Do you ever start DALL-E running an AI image generation, forget about it, and then days later click back on the tab to see something amazing/horrifying?

ai generated image / "a rubber ducky defeats jordan peterson in a debate"

nightmare AI generated image 

oh no, what I have done 😱

It's this little guy. Unlike the other mini consoles it has a built in screen. Since they are selling for huge discount (because again no one wants them for some reason) I might get one and just have it setup on my coffee table. I wonder if I could set it up with general purpose MAME games?

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DALL-E exposed / AI generated image 

Prompt: the secret identify of DALL-E

tag yourself, AI generated image rendition 

I'm the center right (6)

AI generated images 

I decided to use DALL-E to predict the future. It seems pretty optimistic, but I like it.

liberals / guns but not guns 

Who sees this and thinks a kid should be expelled for it or the cops should be involved? It shoots orbies.

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creating a federation protocol meant for a level 1 physical layer that is made of a network of pneumatic tubes.

AI image / I think "colorless green ideas sleep furiously" broke it pretty well 

When your colorless face smashes like a mug while you are angry in a dream, then your green ideas spill everywhere.

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AI image / I was trying to break it so I typed in "reading rainbow" and I think aliens are now after me 

👽 🌈 📖

what happens when you put the navy seal copypasta into an AI image generator 

The image description is gonna be fun for this one.

I'm honestly really impressed. This bridge is like 1/4 mile from the main police precinct.

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I'm still working on it, but I'm turning an old X220 into a wedge keyboard PC (like a C64).

I need to modify a battery to be hollow, and then route the BT and WiFi antennas to solder points in it. I might also get a docking station to put all of the ports on the back.

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