That time when Malatesta perfectly articulated why moderating federated communities is good

art sticker commission? 

Do I know any artists who sell flower stickers? I am looking to buy a bunch to create a sticker collage for a laptop lid. I have some fun black and white stickers and I would love to cover the blank areas with a bunch of flowers. Something to the effect of the image below, but it doesn't need to be these flowers or colors, and I'm hoping for individual stickers (but one big flower collage decal would be fine too). Budget is about $50

brainstorming silly project 

There's different boards, but they can look like this. Add a cheap case, and your virtual pet would be on the little screen.

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doomy shitpost 

We will be sending out the life saving antidote for free! Four per residential address. You'll have to ... um ... work it out from there.

cyberdeck / offgrid computer planning update 

If you are curious what a Pixel Qi screen looks like in a thinkpad here is a picture of one in an x230. I'm trying to think of some cool things to do with the extra bezel space. Maybe LED strips that show battery life or other system monitor stuff.

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They went and actually made a gay attack helicopter. Fuck your rainbow striped bombs.

Fucken LA cops trying to catch and arrest Snorlax 😠 Leave him alone. He just want's to take a nap and do crime.

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