It would seem that workers do in fact have power

Trans people in El Salvador marched yesterday to demand legal changes allowing them to update their documents with their correct name and gender.

If I can convince you of one thing today let it be that the new Black Ends EP, Stay Evil, is amazing and you should listen to it.

Nicolle Swims guitar work is amazing on there.

I broke my terminal font somehow and now it's mocking me like spongebob

acab / new meme format? 

I shit you not, this image is from an article that argues that putting the bodycam footage from racist police murders into VR so that other officers can experience it will help with training ...

covid + / new CDC guidance 

This looks pretty good for having some fun outdoor summer plans

Mockups of my fedi-client idea 

Trying to think through what this would look like, and tossed together a few mockups

😮 There's thinkpad keyboards you can buy that have the trackpoint. I might get this for my work computer.


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