Casino style gambling on gaming platforms was the logical conclusion. Kids have been piped monetization of gambling like mechanics in games meant for small children for a decade. Crypto and robinhood convinced the kids as they became teens and adults to gamble on bad investments. Now influencers are directly profiting off of a bunch of young adults with gambling addiction.

Amazon will ban you for saying "cracker", but they encourage people to sell gambling to kids.

I don't follow any of the influencers involved in that BS, but I would argue Amazon's actions here are worse than any moral panic over vaping.

WTF? Does TheSerfsTV follow me on here? They just said the exact same thing in my last post on their stream.

@polymerwitch Literally was talking to someone about a lot of the F2P [free-to-play] games and how they've really built in so many avenues of 'passive' gambling (it's not really passive, but it's gambling that's easier to obfuscate).

Like how normalised it is that we can have percentage chances to upgrade or acquire gear, and those percentage chances also build in so many levels of frustration that it pushes people to just pump as cash in to try to decrease those kinds of frustrations.

It's so absolutely disgusting.

@polymerwitch thankful to learn all these lessons back ~2000, age 15, playing #TheSims 😊

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