the fact that free market people aren't immediately threatened by free/open source software anymore isn't a good thing

trying to make free software a thing in a system of capitalist contract law was never going to succeed. Free/liberation software is software that liberates people. its contract law license doesn't matter much. Tools have values, and you get to decide what values you code in.

so, write software that has values that are incompatible with capitalism. That is way more "free" than slapping a license on it and then collecting money from tech companies who use it to prop up their global surveillance network.

@polymerwitch There's all kinds of ways that free/open source software is getting rigged to be basically proprietary software with a PR department, or effort. That's the intent from some corners, anyway. It's frustrating

@polymerwitch Free, but we'll make it hard to develop for without controlling what you do, and who you pay. Free, but only in the sense of "free to use for study and research". Free, but I'll give you a ton of crap over forking the codebase. Etc

@polymerwitch I'd CC the president of the FSF if it didn't mean everyone within four social links to us would get harassed for a week

@polymerwitch The free market pretty much started open source to use free software with their hardware that required their proprietary software.

@mu @polymerwitch The "free software" movement is not actually any less affected by this problem, and the real-world ideological differences between "open-source" and "free software" round down to zero.

@polymerwitch as a strong supporter of a freed market I looje forward to the day when the market elimnates freedom-denying non-free closed source software

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