web3 is simply digital fences and land grabs of information. even if it wasn't bad for the environment it will always embody the worst capitalist philosophies. it manufactures an owning class by putting locks on the means of production.

Pearson Plans to Sell Its Textbooks as NFTs

@polymerwitch The enclosure of the web's commons with web 2.0 was not complete enough for them.


web3 is simply digital fences and land grabs of information.

“Land grabs of information” That’s a fantastic way to put it.

@polymerwitch ughh this is horrible. Web3 feels like it's doing exactly what we didn't want to do for the internet when it came out, which is make it an information not-superhighway


> “In the analogue world, a Pearson textbook was resold up to seven times, and we would only participate in the first sale,” he said, explaining that “technology like blockchain and NFTs allows us to participate in every sale of that particular item as it goes through its life”.

they are *honest to god* sobbing, straight up balling their eyes out, that they only get paid $80 once per textbook

@emi @polymerwitch "We, an already scummy, exploitative, and very hated company that makes millions off of the backs of students who have no choice but to buy the books they need for class from us can't keep maning money off of book resales"

They can cry about it. Long live the analogue world.

@polymerwitch “income lost to secondhand sales” excuse me what? is selling things you physically own piracy now?

@dangerdyke @polymerwitch see the thing is you're actually not supposed to own anything, they are. by owning any property or rights to anything at all, you are pissing them off, because that's one less thing they can steal from you

@astralbijection @dangerdyke @polymerwitch this has been happening for a while now, DRM, streaming, NFTs, etc.

@polymerwitch oghghhghghhhhhhghghggghghghghhgghghhghghhghghghhghhhg
the school i frequent is under the wing of COC, a brand from pearson and this really Pisses on me because the material is actually very good in my experience COC's stuff is pretty progressive leaning and tries to not linger as much on each topic

@polymerwitch Not to mention how 'decentralized' it is; it is estimated that >60% of it runs on AWS iirc. Don't have the source with me.

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