"be gay; do crime" isn't a pride flag or a cute meme.

"Many blame queers for the decline of this society -- we take pride in this. Some believe that we intend to shred-to-bits this civilization and its moral fabric -- they couldn't be more accurate. We're often seen as depraved, decadent and revolting -- but oh, they ain't seen nothing yet."

@polymerwitch yes! This is my favorite quote. Back when i was on bird site I had a whole thread about this.

@polymerwitch A failure of a satire cartoon not to have labeled the sword.

@polymerwitch My sister ordered me a print of this .... I still need to get it framed tho

@juliana the political cartoon is an edit of some classic newspaper cartoon O believe, but the quote is from the article I love linked which is the introduction to the longer work. It is the essay that spawned the modern usage of the phrase as far as I know.

Either way, I reject the use of the phrase as an empty slogan used to only posture.

@polymerwitch this is the highest res image i have ever seen of dear comrade skeleton and i love their hat and pin as well as the rest

@polymerwitch every year I think I should do a cosplay of gay squeleton

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