Having winners in competitive sports means that some people have an unfair advantage in that sport. Thus, we should ban competitive sports.

@polymerwitch I am not sure if this is ironic or not but I cannot conceive playing a game or doing sports a job.

Less if we consider that competition is the base for your salary (and winning at some point more than any other job).

@polymerwitch I don't embrace competition itself in this.

The only good competition I recognize at some point is the one made for fun itself and even that I think that should be measured.

People can lose easily their mind for being rushed in what they consider themselves good and having to deal with psychological support.

@polymerwitch this, unironically

(yes I have a strong disliking for competitive sports why do you ask)

@trisschen @polymerwitch all I can think of when I think competitive sports is drunk right-wing soccer fans and yes please ban this as well

@polymerwitch Sex segregation of sports is an imperfect solution but it is a necessary conceit to allow women to have sports careers.

@steeznson @polymerwitch looking at where that segregation came from … is it really that necessary for that?

And even if it were, wouldn’t it in general be better to not so much celebrate someone being "the best" as the only true goal, but rather enjoy cool situations?

@steeznson @polymerwitch And if people really do feel the need that there absolutely must be some sort of segregation such that people who otherwise wouldn’t win so much woulf have a better chance … I’m pretty sure there are other characteristics than fucking gender to make such a split. How about basketball being split into tall people and smaller people for example?

@trisschen @polymerwitch This was a good article. Darts is also another sport where there is no segregation without there being any issues.

I have to respectfully disagree with the notion that segregation is an unnecessary paternalistic vestige in all sports. For example in tennis I think the WTA has to exist alongside the ATP, otherwise we wouldn't get the opportunity for any female players to win big competitions like grand slams.

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