"summer driving season"
"gas tax holiday"
"the RV renaissance is going strong"

why am I reading those things, and not "decline in oil profits", "stop driving", and "we are all going to die if you keep doing this"?


I don't think cars are going to go away over night, or that an end to gas cars alone would magically reverse climate change. However, can we agree that "summer driving season" maybe needs to get tossed in the trash? Give us bus and ticket vouchers if you want to encourage people to travel.

@anarchistbicycleclub @polymerwitch I'm always up for a rail discount or promotion. I went on a few that were just me sitting on a commuter rail for a few hours.

@polymerwitch Wait summer driving season means people driving to holidays? I thought it was just referring to hobbyists actually getting to drive their project cars for once

In this case, fuck the summer driving season

@polymerwitch the roads are busier with cars here (UK) that before the pandemic. I think people isolated in their own vehicles and it kind of stuck unfortunately

@moopet @polymerwitch round here its a mixture of boomers in SUVs and stressed out drivers in work vans, lorries and trucks catching up on post lockdown backlogs of work - I no longer listen to music on the highway as the driving has become so erratic (especially with some people driving unusually slow to save petrol/diesel due to high prices) that I need every spoon available to remain safe..

@polymerwitch I would absolutely adore if there were both cheap train tickets and also more train routes!!!!!! More trains!!!!! Send me anywhere on a train I love it!!!!!

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