one of the unsaid benefits of password managers is that you can see a list, all in one place, of every company you have an account with.

Every company, you have a legal contract with (all of them).

Every company, that has access to your personal information or might have sold it, had it stolen, or just given away.

It really puts the risk into perspective.

@polymerwitch i keep mine all in a plain text file, but same feeling, and i like seeing it

@polymerwitch i do it different.
As i host my own mail, i got
But will also be forwarded to my account. So i have a "different" mail for every site i sign up to :D
And thus i can track who sells my data or "loses" it and does not send me a GDPR-Notification :D

Also i can just list all "TO:"-Mails i recieved to get a list of services i signed up for & even look into all mails i got from them (i.e. user deletion, signup, spam, ..)

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