trans in America - 

Not gonna lie, Pride month this year has been pretty shit for trans people so far in the US. I live in a bubble where I am fairly safe (I've been street harassed a few times, but the only physical altercations I've had were with street preachers and while stepping in to defend a queer kid on a bus). I am really afraid right now to venture outside of that bubble. I wonder a lot about my future and surviving if things get much worse.

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trans in US - / anti-trans policies 

Sorry, I should have said "US" and not "America" in that CW.

I'm just sad, because I just read the news that yet another sport is banning trans women, and watching people celebrate the news. It's hard not to feel like I am slowly being pushed further and further out of participating in society, and seen as "not valid".

trans in America - 

@polymerwitch It truly has been. There aren't enough words to express my anger and disappointment this year.

trans in America - 

@polymerwitch is there not a safe community set in some city there that you could reach?

trans in America - 

@elr I meant, I live in a safe bubble. However, if I leave the state, or even the city will I be able to participate in society? I often have to think about traveling to other countries. Would I be safe there?

Do I have the freedom to travel, or participate in national events? I'm supposed to travel for a conference later this year. Will I be allowed to participate?

trans in America - 

@polymerwitch even living in the Canary Islands and knowing some places that could fit to you, I have no idea about the rest out there.

I never physically interacted with these places here and there are places in the zone where I live in which you would not feel safe even solely thinking in yourself as a person.

One weird thing is that right-wing is being raised recently as result of people who "lost trust" in current governments and just vote because "at least they know how bad it is".

Reactionaries are in high places in Spain too even with the current support to change the situation and many collectives out there.

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