a take on celebrity transitions 

I'm a fan of celebrating people's transitions, but that celebration should be led by the person transitioning. I don't really feel great about the children of celebrities being outed by news outlets and social media hypothesizing about people's genders.

There are two very public headlines going around rn about celebrity trans/nonbinary kids, and imo it's nobody's business but the kids.

a take on celebrity transitions 

@polymerwitch it’s wild how the J Lo headlines are about praising her as a parent, which also feels… weird and parasitic. Still thinking about why it makes me feel that way, but whew. Even when people are trying to celebrate a child, it’s not actually about the child. Or the child has no say/autonomy/privacy/etc

a take on celebrity transitions 

@polymerwitch unless the child wants to be public for any reason, either them wanting to be a celebrity too or them wanting to pass a message, there is no reason to have anything about a celebrity child in the news.

And that also goes to cis children's

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