mega hottake 

I hate the Star Wars universe.

However, the Lego Star Wars universe is wonderful.

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mega hottake 

Star Wars universe: Han is an asshole who mistreats Leia. Ewoks try to be some sort of offensive stereotype. Weird religious metaphors.

Lego Star Wars universe: Leia throws the whole "I know" back in Han's face. Ewoks are hilariously absurd and throw objects that make no sense (such as rubber chickens) at storm troopers. All the metaphors are Lego block related.

re: mega hottake 

@polymerwitch carbonite makes way more sense in the Lego universe

mega hottake 

@polymerwitch I have never seen Star Wars. I have played the Lego Star Wars games. 🤷

@polymerwitch Sorta like how the Lego Universe Batman is, without any doubt, the best most fully realised Batman in any universe.

A smug, patronising, needy man-child asshole. Will Arnett's voice is just :chefskiss:

@dgold I do really like Killing Joke. It is superb writing that, imo, deconstructs the weird dichotomy and relationship Batman and Joker have. It's the only Batman I regularly reflect back on.

I might have to checkout Lego Batman though. I only just tried a Lego game for the first time as it came as a bonus with the Wii U I bought.

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