Nintendo history 

The reason I'm working on building out a home library of the GBA -> Wii U era is that it was such a unique time in games where they moved to a whole new audience. Motion controls, multi-screens, touch screens, party games, ad-hoc networking, etc.

With the 3DS and Wii U online support closing down I want to refurbish the lower end equipment to have the libraries available as succinctly as possible.

Nintendo history 

The 2DS has hardware to play GBA, DS, DSi, and all but a couple 3DS games. The Wii U has hardware to play Gamecube, Wii, and WiiU. Both of these have been jailbroken to the point you can backup pretty much all games for them into a home library.

Also, the "DLC" amiibos have been jailbroken where you can make little amiibo coins for a few cents using a phone app and rfid stickers.

So, building a lasting home library of them is really possible right now.

Nintendo history 

There will be emulation in the future of course, but the specialized hardware doesn't translate well most of the time. How do you emulate a Wiimote without a Wiimote?

It's an era I really want to have as a couch co-op setup. A box with my boardgames I can pull out when friends come over and we can play Wii sports. That will always bring me joy.

Nintendo history 

Oh, another thing I forgot to add is there is a community project underway to create a community ran replacement network for Nintendo Online that brings back the MiiVerse, has Splatoon events, etc. That works on WiiU, 3DS, and emulators for those.


Nintendo history 

Also, I don't think I explained why this may be important to get now. With the official servers sunsetting in March 2023, you can currently buy a used WiiU or 3DS that is locked to a Nintendo Online account you don't have access to, and call Nintendo support and have them reset it for you. Once that support ends you will have to use some sort of hardware chip flasher to get into a locked system and set it up.

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