I've been slowly transitioning for the past year, but now my media services are all moved.

Not subscribed to Netflix, HBO, Disney, etc.

I do donate $10 a month to my local PBS affiliate.

Not subscribed to Spotify or Google Music or whatever.

I do donate $10 a month to the local community radio station.

I also have the movie, music, audiobook, and ebook streaming from my library.

If all else fails I have file sharing with friends.

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@polymerwitch lmao from the first few words thought this was a trans post but tbh it's even better

take that capitalism

@The_T They assigned me consumer at birth (ACAB), but now I'm just vibing.

@polymerwitch i've done that too. I get a lot of things from the library, which also gives me access to the website Hoopla and Kanopy besides all their physical stuff. also found out Shout Factory has a lot of all day streams and on demand movies too. i'm super lucky that atm i have cheap and fast internet with no cap

@polymerwitch also: you can automatically find “friends” to share media with using this cool file called a torrent

@polymerwitch are you using Plex? I’m f so, have some libraries for the cause

@matty I run Jellyfin at home to play back the videos I have locally. I also have a funkwhale instance I use to stream my music anywhere.

@polymerwitch ah cool, I run both Jellyfin and Plex, but haven’t tried funkwhale yet!

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