re: Pdx / acab, white supremacists, attempted murder I guess? 

@polymerwitch Same shit different day, I suppose. I mean, they did conduct arrests coordinating with white supremacists. And also bottled up protestors to allow white supremacists to snipe at them.
Fuckin' assholes.

Pdx / acab 

@polymerwitch the quote from Chuck Lovell about how "it's not consistent with our values". Lmao.

Pdx / acab 

@anarchistbicycleclub @polymerwitch when are you people going to understand values are what people say, not what people do /s

Pdx / acab 

@polymerwitch city conducting an internal investigation lol. "40% of us think its in poor taste and makes us look bad, while 60% have no comment (agree with meme)." "we should allocate more money to the police so they can learn to have better optics."

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