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I consider myself a "black flag anarchist", or a pluralist anarchist. I attempt to synthesize a lot of anarchist trends in my praxis. I also incorporate a lot of non-anarchist work (such as indigenous critiques, Black liberation struggles, etc). But being pluralist doesn't mean I think every ideology is legit. I'm not a fan of Ted K. I reject DGR. On and on.


anarchist meta 

I do find it useful to think past the confines of class struggle alone. A prole revolution will not fix racism or give Land Back. I don't want to be stuck philosophically in the confines of "the left". I am critical of large industry, white supremacy, state institutions, and religious institutions (not religion), so .. yeah I'm critical of western civilization. We can explore many avenues of liberation while being vigilant about identifying the fascist creep.

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anarchist meta 

In the context of The Anarchist Library, I think removing Ted K makes sense. I also disagree with their removal of Angela Davis for not being anarchist enough.

It's important to me to fight pushes to make anarchism more single issue as much as fighting against those trying to push reactionary cooptation of anarchist language.

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