It's Orange Man Bad Day 2022. We will hate the orange man and his followers, we will increase civil defense budgets and surveillance networks, we will cheer on the courts and prisons, we will pay no mind to the cries of people losing their social safety net, and we will remember the worst threat to a liberal democracy ... broken windows at capitol building.

uspol / january 6th 

I said publicly, hours before the attack, that it would happen and that it "would go as far toward a coup as the state will allow them to."

And well, we saw how far they would let their failed clown coup go. It's not only a joke of a coup, but also only existed because the state (both liberal and conservative) let it happen and ignored (well more openly attacked) anti-fascists who were warning of, fighting, and dying from this threat for years.


uspol / january 6th 

Treating today as some sort of important anniversary is revisionist, and tries to cast it in a narrative of Great Man Theory where Trump is the bad man that is the threat. We are reminded to vote centrist to stop the threat.

Which completely ignores the rise the increase in organization and violence in white supremacist circles that has been happening since the founding of this country and liberals being complicit through all of it.

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