Monday: Fuck you Mozilla 🖕
Tuesday: *Searches for usable browsers that are not google in a trenchcoat or otherwise have some fatal issue*
Wednesday: *angry continued use of Firefox sounds*

@00dani it seems fine. I just don't see much of a point to using it over firefox. My firefox config turns off telemetry and takes the other steps they list. I figured I might as well stick with mainline Firefox to get security updates quicker.

@polymerwitch We're kinda hosed on options these days. Unless we want to forego everything but text an use Lynx, Links, and w3m for everything.

@polymerwitch right there with you. It seems like firefox makes some ill advised change at least once a month. “Limited edition” colorways (wtf), sponsored address bar items, elimination of the compact UI density. Honestly I’m just waiting for the announcement of MozCoin or some other half-baked crypto scheme at this point (“we harness the power of open source to mine our shit coin—only $4.99/mo”)

@polymerwitch LibreWolf is out there, too.

I'm so tired of every goddamn program forcing an antagonistic relationship on me.

@polymerwitch Thursday: you discover LibreWolf, install it and smile! :)

@parasurv I already configured Firefox to do all of the things Librewolf offers (and more). I also get security updates faster. So, I'm not sure what advantage I would get.

I want a browser not forked from Chromium or Firefox, as feature rich, privacy focused (at least through configuration), and no ties to cryptocurrency grifts.

@polymerwitch Well if you don't want to use forks... isn't Safari an OS X using something different? A little bit expensive, but if that's your wish. Or maybe elinks? :D

@parasurv I don't use Apple products, and I'm not interested in starting.

w3m is the best browser I've been able to find so far, but it's missing a number of features.

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