Burgerville, a local Portland area fastfood chain, reached a union contract deal after three years of negotiations. Of course the managers are blaming their illegal actions they took along the way on the homeless now. However this is the first such contract for fastfood workers in the US, and it was organized by the IWW.

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For years liberals and anti-IWW trolls have been crying about how the IWW is just too unreasonable, and how they are actually hurting the workers somehow. Every time someone pointed out that the IWW lets the workers themselves organize what they want there was fearmongering about "extreme anarchists" who want to abolish work.

And yeah that's true ... but that's also what the workers want, lol.

If this continues to spread, to more of the service industry I think it's great. I already know a bunch of gen-z organizers who got introduced to organizing through working at Burgerville and fighting for a union.

paraphrased in a snarky tone:
"No one would buy our burgers if we paid the workers well. It would just be too expensive. Watch, we'll add tips. Wait, these tips are too generous. The workers must be stealing. Can you believe they are making $22 an hour! A union? Fine we'll put the tip machines back. You know we really just laid you all of because of homeless people right? It had nothing to do with organizing. We pinky promise NLRB." 🙄

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