resisting blockchain tech 

A small group of people (but increasing rapidly) are building the infrastructure, the conceptual fences and walls, around cultural creations and other public commons. It makes total sense to make fun of them, but it is also important to take them at face value. They believe in a manifest destiny of the intangible, colonization and privatization of the mind and community. Just making fun of them isn't enough.


resisting blockchain tech 

It is not hard to imagine a near future where you click "share" and you are prompted to pay a fee for share use. Instead you screenshot the image and share the screenshot. An automated service IDs the image and takes it down, and you end up in court. Your followers all get a notice, a first strike, in the mail warning them if they continue to illegally view protected JPGs they will have their Internet service severed.

resisting blockchain tech 

@polymerwitch I hadn't really considered this as a threat model and have mostly just laughed at NFTs so far.

But yes, if courts are willing to enforce this type of very tenuous "ownership" of a jpeg then it could become a more significant problem for the digital commons. Bad actors could do a new sort of swatting in which they seed meme images into the networks of their adversaries.

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