Thank goodness for kind people. I have a replacement transit system card.

I have no idea how these cards are better than just buying a paper ticket. Now they can track everywhere I go I guess. yay 🙄

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@polymerwitch yeah, I have really mixed feelings about transit cards. I love the convenience of just having it in my wallet all the time and not worrying about having cash for a fare / ticket. And it works on most systems!

But ugh tracking and the stupid process for loading and when they first rolled them out in the Bay it could take a week for *cash you put into the machine* to show up on it wt actual f

Maybe it reduces paper use a little?

@bouncinglime In the Bay area I was always able to just get a card from any BART station. In Portland you have to go to a store, hope they have them in stock (almost none do), hope the cashier's machine works (80% of stores are down for upgrades rn), or go to one office in downtown portland. You can't get them anywhere else.

@polymerwitch ok yeah that's also real dumb

tbh the getting a card from any station is also a new thing. You used to have to go to one of maybe three stations? Or just order it in the mail.

oh and if you have work commuter benefits that send you a paper check? there's only one station in the WHOLE SYSTEM that can help you, and only during regular business hours. (that may also have changed)

@polymerwitch in conclusion, I feel your pain and I wish I knew if anyone was working on fixing that problem :blobcatheart:

@bouncinglime The silliest thing is that the answer in Portland is very clear. Ticket fees only cover like 1/3 of the operating costs. Corporate taxes cover half of it. They could literally just double the relatively small corporate tax and make the whole thing free over night.

@polymerwitch wat why would you even suggest such a thing that is impossible and no one will ever support it

:moomin_mad: :moomin_mad: :moomin_mad:


the card is not worth it unless you qualify for ‘honored citizen’ and/or ride twice a day every day to get the monthly discount, otherwise ticket is the way (or just hop on the line, nobody checks the train)

@goldcarrot @polymerwitch they check going out to hillsboro/beaverton. I used to get checked at sunset TC a lot.

@polymerwitch they can’t make you tap it if you take the train. you can show them you have the fare, but they can’t write it against you just because you didn’t tap.

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