public transit system griping 

I don't want to have to park downtown so I'll take the train!

Oh, my old pass expired. So, I use the phone app to make a new one. They take my money then say I can't use it because I don't use Google Pay. I check the website it can't fix it and says that most stores aren't selling physical cards right now. So, I call them, and ask what I should do and they tell me I need to go to their office to buy a physical one and fix my cards ... their office is downtown 馃槺

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public transit system griping 

@polymerwitch it's ridiculous, and then they wonder why transit ridership is down :/

public transit system griping 

@polymerwitch thisthisthisthisthisthis!!!!

public transit system griping 

@polymerwitch 馃が 馃が 馃が 馃が

but also, sorry, this is not the part of transit I'm working on

why tf can't they fix your account over the dang phone, tho????

public transit system griping 


Was just in a rage last week because they killed this area's access to the 75 with near-0 public notice, and then wouldn't even update their damn site to show the alternatives available.


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