piracy and IP 

The concept of intellectual property stim from colonization, capitalism, patriarchy, and White supremacy, but so do cultures that believe appropriating creative works without providing the creators the means to thrive.

It's not piracy to give my knowledge as a gift, and have my neighbors gift to me in turn food and a safe place to sleep.

Knowledge is a means to production and taking it from the powerful can redistribute that.

A gift/solidarity economy is what I desire.

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piracy and IP 

An informative story about this is a restaurant that opened in Portland a few years back. A group of White women vacationed in a rural area of Mexico. They befriended many of the local people, and learned some of the traditional cooking of the area. The White women then took that knowledge, came back to Portland, and commodified the cultural traditions and passed down knowledge to make a buck.

That's a type of piracy that is clearly unethical imo.

piracy and IP 

@polymerwitch ooohhhh that’s why “ethnic food is appropriation” discourse was happening back then! wild.

piracy and IP 

@Moss around the same time a restaurant opened in a gentrified neighborhood (I want to say it was Alberta) called "The Colonial" that hung up maps celebrating british colonization along side portraits of colonizers.

Then the Black owned Reo's ribs was hit by arsonists. So, there was a lot of food focused racism going on in the city at the time.

re: piracy and IP 

@polymerwitch you don't follow me and this post isn't directly related to what you were saying, but reading this post did inspire me to write this and I feel like you'd maybe appreciate it? or maybe not. No pressure.

re: piracy and IP 

@The_T Yes, I agree with the points you made. I think the trouble starts with the colonizer concept of property, expansion into intellectual property, and the laws and enforcement of those "rights". IMO, we have to be careful not to react to that by taking advantage of those without much power to empower ourselves.

If a teen filmed a cool original scene I wouldn't want the MCU people to simply steal it and use it to sell more tickets to their next movie.

re: piracy and IP 

@polymerwitch yeah; my viewpoint on that is there wouldn't be tickets for sale in the first place. Movies would just get released and people can get them however.

(I know there's much more logistics to work out with stuff like "how will houses be built" and a barter system of some kind would need to exist, but that isn't what I'm thinking about currently)

re: piracy and IP 

@polymerwitch I guess another way to look at it is I want to actively discourage the "evil" profit margins and prevent them from existing at all; I want the writers and artists to create things, not the producers.

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