Imagine if Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos decided they were going to use their wealth to build a private control center for their surveillance networks, hire an engineer form Lockheed martin to make them specialty weapons, pay a cosplay artist to make them a funny suite, and then start doing vigilante patrols to attack the marginalized.

That's why Batman sucks.

and yes, I've seen Thought Slime's Batman video. I think Mildred is wrong.

@polymerwitch they seem to be a bit defensive about it, like people criticising Batman's fucked up tendencies just come from a position of "trying to ruin people's fun"

I love a lot of Batman media and am still capable of acknowledging and analyzing how fucked up a lot of it is.

@GreenandBlack I mean it's a fictional universe. I like a lot of fictional cop shows even though I don't like cops.

I just really don't like Batman. Other people liking that media I don't like is totally fair.

@polymerwitch it is the only time i have adamantly disagreed with Mildred Thought Slime.

@polymerwitch I can't imagine Elon having a secret identity as he couldn't stand not taking credit, and doesn't have anyone in his life he'd want to protect

@polymerwitch tired: Batman is a superhero
inspired: Batman is an object lesson in the consequences of a fuckup whilst eating the rich

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