If I create some pre-built meshtastic devices with nice cases would people in Portland be interested in buying them for ~$50 (that's cost)?

It's a little pocket size radio, with a battery that lasts 9 years, and if the grid ever goes down (or just for fun), you can: turn it on, connect up your phone/computer, and chat with other people on the network with a range of miles.

I really want to build some stuff for these just for fun, but it would be infinitely more useful and fun if others had them as well.

@polymerwitch I would absolutely be interested in getting one (and learning to make them) but I would/will have to budget carefully to find $50 right now

@polymerwitch omg omg that sounds really cool? that sounds like the most appealing part of scuttlebutt to me

@Moss right now it just has a public chat, encrypted chat channels, and GPS. The GPS can be used to help you locate others if needed and get your location.

I might try to build an option in to turn off GPS, but as it is a radio your location could still easily be triangulated so I'm not sure it matters.

@polymerwitch i mean i doubt the tiny meshnet will be used against us in a way out cells haven’t already been

@Moss Yeah, the real use cases for this in my opinion are not ultra secure networking, but instead:
* Emergency chat network
* Fun community owned wide area network for a forum that can be deployed in the city or even in the woods
* If used in the woods, you could also use it to locate each other and navigate.

@polymerwitch I'm nowhere near Portland, but I'd love to know what you're putting together so I could maybe DIY one 👀

@swift I want to start with the default pre-built apps they have for android and just use them barebones.

Then I want to build a prototype with a 3" screen, a raspberry pi, one of the radios, and slightly bigger battery to be a sort of mini terminal to a radio mesh BBS.

@polymerwitch @swift I've been thinking about exactly this type of project for a long time. This is really cool.

I think we could use some up 'ere also!
can you post to Andaluçia?

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