It's always seem really weird to me that children are asked "what do you want to become", but they are restricted often from just doing that. Like, not exploitative child labor of course, but if they want to be a carpenter why not have them on the job site for a couple hours a week chatting with the other workers about building plans and helping with things that they can do? Even if that's just taking inventory of supplies.

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Expanding on this, it need not apply only to children.

Want to be a farmer? A nurse? A Biologist? A nuclear reactor engineer? Sweet! Just show up, and the experienced folks will help you get plugged in in a safe manner.

@polymerwitch I like this approach. Sadly it does not make money while trying out if this new thing fit. :/

@woodbark yeah, I was definitely thinking in an idealist manner where we worked for joy and to meet our desires instead of creating surplus value for someone else to give you maybe enough to survive.

@polymerwitch just add it to the list of reasons to overthrow this misery

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