I'm still not a fan of bodycams for cops.

1) It creates a new form of state surveillance (the cameras are pointed at the public).
2) I have seen zero evidence that bodycams actually result in more cops being held accountable for their actions.

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filming the police has arguably resulted in more cops being held accountable, but that has always been with the camera pointing at the cops not the cops pointing cameras at the public.

Bodycams build a surveillance database for cops who can selectively decide to release info to the public. Yes there is FOIA, but that process rarely results in a timely release of unedited video. Even then it's all from the cops perspective. It puts you in the shoes of a cop.


That perspective change might not seem like a big deal, but there is a subconscious thing that happens when you see things from the cops perspective. You start to make sense of a situation as if you were the cop. If you are watching a cop from outside, then you see them through a lens of someone on the street.


an example of this is in cinema. Cinematographers do this all the time. For example, in horror movies they will film from outside a window or peaking through rails of a stairway to make you feel like you are the person hiding/stalking the people in the house.


Anyway, I'm 100% unconvinced that bodycams have any positive impact, and I am beyond positive they have many negative consequences.

re: bodycams 

@polymerwitch I think that they could be a good idea but the way that they are implemented (data held and not released to the public in any way, ability for cops to turn them on/off, ect) basically make them worthless

@polymerwitch I think some bodycam footage has been used against a Louisiana state trooper and maybe some other cops. It's unusual how many cops were actually indicted this year, but I agree with how bodycams are mostly ineffective for holding the police accountable. Pig pens have been very selective about releasing damning video. Sometimes, they don't use their cams, but I noticed how obvious their cams were when they "helped" volunteers clean up a homeless camp!

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