CA recall 

I'm not a fan of electoral politics. The California recall process is the worst form of democracy I've ever heard of.

Two votes:
1) a vote to recall. Majority of YES/NO recalls
2) If 1 is YES, then a race of people with 50 people is voted on where the majority wins (and it can't have the recalled person)

So, in theory YES could pass with 50.1% (49.9% voting NO), and the candidate to replace them can win with 5% of the vote.

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CA recall 

@polymerwitch if you vote No can you still vote in the second round? Or is second round reserved for Yes voters?

CA recall 

@GreenandBlack yes you can, but if the second vote is split then a Green Party candidate could get 10% a Democrat could get 30%, and a Republican could get 31% and the Republican would be elected.

CA recall 

@polymerwitch first past the post was a mistake

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