Snatcher Review / spoilers 

The game was OK. On the plus side, it has the aesthetic look of CyberPunk on point, The text adventure with animation aspect is cool, and some of the settings really feel alive. On the negative side it misses the philosophical challenges that cyberpunk presents and instead falls on cold war tropes of democracy vs evil communism, the main character is misogynist, there is a transphobic joke, and there were elements that felt racist (tho it's Japanese so harder to judge)

Snatcher Review / spoilers 

For the last bit on it seeming racist, it stars a very white cast (including a white american lead). There are no Black characters at all. The portrayal of a Chinese character felt a bit gross.


Snatcher Review / spoilers 

Challenge wise it's pretty easy save for two somewhat challenging shooting gallery style sequences. And there are a handful of places that you have to really try every combination of interactions and make a leap of faith to progress (it's very similar to a point and click adventure).

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Oh, this was also the first game I have completed on Sega CD. I had only really tried a game or two for a few seconds in the past. It's a pretty interesting system.

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