Ever think about all of those people that got away with it? every worker sabotage, every strike for climate, every person who took part in direct action against police violence. They didn't stick around to get arrested. They didn't leave manifestos. They just went quietly back into the night.

I think about that a lot, and how it's often absent from our oral histories of struggle.

@polymerwitch I think that folk punk is a good medium for conveying those kinds of stories, in a way that's not provable but builds and furthers an oral history

Having a standard format, how they prepared, how they got out, and what happened afterward, in a way that it's not provable who did what, but passes on some kind of understanding.

Fun fact, I met Willem Spronsen the year before he made the news.

I could write a folk punk ballad/story about my relation to him. It's thin to nonexistent, but I think it would be an interesting way to relate his actions to his life.

@Anarkat haha, yeah. I was actually thinking of folkpunk when I wrote this. Specifically the song Lone Ranger from this album:

@polymerwitch i think this is us still having to deal with the individualist concept of a Great Man. every story seemingly needs A Protagonist who did Exceptional Things. but anti-state pro-community action is about a group doing mundane and tiny things that stack up into something greater. and that doesn’t make compelling stories for western folks, because there’s no Conclusion.

@polymerwitch we love us some hero even if they end up a martyr

i can't think of any story offhand that isn't about individuals overcoming or succumbing.

do we even have stories of people?

@meena @polymerwitch there are several old revolutionary / workers' movement songs that are about ”us” or ”those heroic comrades” without specifying any of them individually, so I'd say that yes, we have such stories.

@Stoori @meena @polymerwitch

Also in modern times a lot of folk keep quiet about what they did BITD due to statutes of limitation (its never 100% clear what they are unless you are legal expert), or they have to wait 20+ years - there's a Dutch chap who made a pirate TV station that hijacked the cable network in NL and could be seen in Germany in his late teens/early 20s), he only talked about it on YT in his 40s as both countries Communications Ministries were on after for him...

@polymerwitch that's who's telling the stories.

the problem is, we're not really embracing our elders much. lesbians, sure. transbians? not really. they get pushed out of sight so quickly.

@polymerwitch also sorry, i don't mean to be dismissive with my first comment! it's something i tell myself as encouragement.

Sometimes it's easy to feel like you haven't helped at all, but a collective is a collective. spreading the word of what you've seen isn't nothing.

nowadays i find it so much harder to participate and help, but at least i have stories.

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