Everyone should use Tor


Everyone needs to learn how to properly use Tor, because if you just use it like you would any other browser it's worse for your privacy than doing literally nothing at all.

If you are a radical leftist, a friend, BIPOC, trans, and/or a sex worker I would happy to give a basic digital security training online for free. I've been doing them for about a decade.


In short RE Tor:

You should have a separate identity you use while using Tor at all times. This should be completely disconnected from your non-Tor identity and your real life identity. These should be completely air gapped, meaning you never ever use both or even reference the other identity while using your secure identity.

@polymerwitch A question from someone who's never used Tor: does that airgap mean that Tor and non-Tor activities should happen on different devices even, or is it okay to use the same device for both?

@Stoori air gap is usually used to describe completely separate networks. I think for your average person who want to look up a medical question privately using the same device is fine.

If you have a higher risk likelihood or impact (activists, dissidents, etc), then you should use Tor in a separate OS. A VM is one option. TAILS is probably a better option. Or to be most secure, yes a completely separate system.

@Stoori That level of security is accessible to a lot of people. You can get an old used laptop for $50-$100. Setup a secure OS, and keep it for only private use. You might even want a device that never connects to the Internet ever.

@polymerwitch @Stoori having the separate device, or booting into tails, is also good for *the mental air-gap*!

@polymerwitch Security isn't a boolean, as the late jrandom once said. There are ways to minimize the damage of identity compromise, making it hard to say if it really was you or not, and there are ways to minimize the likelihood, but they start requiring sacrifices, and it really depends on your threat model.

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