covid / snark 

covid spiking almost immediately after the whole country reopened? who could have predicted this? vaccinated people still getting sick (albeit at lower rates than unvaccinated populations)? how is it possible?

we really need to dispose of looking at health as an individual endeavor and look at public/community health instead. people were so willing to say "f u got mine [vaccine]" and now we are here. it all entirely predictable 馃槙



with a public/community health lens we can lift some restrictions as they make sense to do for different areas. we can add in other restrictions as needed. everyone is safer. US White culture is not caring about your neighbors though, so here we are again.

Web 1 0 6


"those of use that luxuriate under the umbrella of vaccination" is such a British way to call out liberal selfishness in this regard. I love it. Quote from Ed Yong.

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