linux gaming / journalism 

It's really funny watching video game journalists try to understand Linux. They never had to give a thought to Linux before, and now I've heard/seen/read, in big publications and youtube channels, people claim that linux is android, games run compatibly because it runs on a proton operating system, you can't run apps on linux, etc.

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linux gaming / journalism 

It seems important to understand what makes linux gaming work as more dedicated systems will probably launch with it in the future. Why is it being adopted by Steam? What is Proton? What is an OS kernel and why are kernel level anti-cheats hard to port?

All of the articles I'm seeing are just versions of "it can't play this one game right now. so you might as well just install Windows". Which is not going to go well when devices ship more and more default with linux.

linux gaming / journalism 

Sure, some people will install Windows and be happy, but driver support might not be great, the UI will be unoptimized for the system, performance will decrease, battery life will decrease, etc. How many people are going to really go through all those steps? People will have a bad time, and the journalists will just claim it's linux's fault I guess. 🤷‍♀️ God yeah. I saw an article the other day calling proton a "Special version of Linux which can run Windows programs"

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