I want Club Mate, but I don't want to import it. Can I make mate kombucha 🤔

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I don't always hear the voices of my German ancestors, but every once and awhile they whisper "Club Mate" into my ear and I go dream about the last time I had it in Berlin like 12 years ago.

"Mom, can we go to Berlin and get gassy water?"

"We have gassy water at home."

gassy water at home: soda

@polymerwitch this is the question i didn't know needed to be asked

@polymerwitch maybe brew some mate tea, carbonate it with a sodastream or whatever and add cane sugar? Won't be the same thing, but it could still turn out great

@schratze I was thinking about that, but I don't want sodastream (I try to boycott Israeli products). I'm not aware of other alternatives for home use.

@polymerwitch there are a bunch of alternatives on the German market, but Idk what it looks like in the US

@schratze we have sugary mate drinks, but they don't compare. IMO kombucha is much better here, but they are more fruity.

@polymerwitch we also have tons of different mate sodas here. Many people I know hate club mate and prefer other brands. They say club mate tastes like a full ashtray. That is preposterous. It only has a slight aroma of fireworks

@polymerwitch @schratze mate kombuchas very well!

i could imagine that water kefir might work even better, though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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