I started my zine for building community DIY servers/networks, but now I'm thinking maybe I should start an online community that helps train each other to host services for IRL organizing. A sort of union/guild that can do sliding scale server setup and maintenance, or take on apprentices to learn how to setup/maintain infrastructure for their own communities.

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I'm thinking it could be something as simple as having a library of apps orgs could use (masto, loomio, signalboost, matrix, nextcloud, vpn, email, etc) as docker compose files that are co-maintained and then members would customize those and do support for groups on a sliding scale setup.

So, if an affinity group reached out and wanted infrastructure for a blog, email, and loomio they could work with the group to get it deployed.

It would give activist techie types an avenue to make a little bit of cash, and create a pathway for new people to learn the skills without the institutions and infrastructure of silicon valley and the tech industry.

@polymerwitch This sounds super similar to Co-op Cloud which my tech co-op launched.

@kawaiipunk looks awesome. This is very similar. I think independent tech workers and worker owned co-ops working in a federated manner to deploy services like this is a very strong front to organize tech labor on, and it jointly builds solidarity through action with other trades and communities.

@polymerwitch Feel free to drop us a line if you a quick demo of Co-op Cloud.

Key things:
- Uses docker-swarm
- Uses upstream docker files
- Encourages configuration commons

@kawaiipunk I feel like I have a good handle on docker and kubernetes, but I haven't messed with docker-swarm at all yet.

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