Reminder: I auto-delete all non-pinned posts after 30 days.

This has come up three times this week. I just want a pseudo-ephemeral experience. I don't want a complete log of all of my posts ever made on my profile. That being said, I take full responsibility for any posts I made in the past, and if you want to share any public posts of mine using an archiving tool feel free.

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interestingly, there are over 25 of my posts that have been archived on by people. So, I guess it happens more than I would have assumed.

@polymerwitch ooh does it tell u which ones? i do miss some of your choice shitposts sometimes.

@polymerwitch @Moss some people have browser extensions installed that automatically instruct the archive to grab any pages they happen to look at

@darius @Moss huh, that sounds like a bad idea to me. But to each their own.

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